VIDEO: Bill Maher compares ‘woke’ mob to enforcers of Mao’s cultural revolution

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HBO host Bill Maher compared “woke” mobs on Twitter to the Red Guard of the Cultural Revolution in China Friday.

“I asked ChatGPT, ‘Are there any similarities between today’s woke revolution and Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution of the 1960s?’” Maher said. “And it wrote back, ‘How long do you have?’”

“We do have our own Red Guard here, but they do their rampaging on Twitter,” Maher added, while discussing the departure of Winston Marshall from Mumford and Sons over a tweet that praised a book by independent journalist Andy Ngo and the investigation and punishment of law professor Jason Kilborn for alluding to two racial slurs in a question on an exam.

“The problem with communism and some very recent ideologies here at home, is that they think you can change reality by screaming at it,” Maher said. “That you can bend human nature by holding your breath.”


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  1. Bill Maher, for the great majority of his career, has been the epitome of the so called ‘woke’ mob (they are not ‘woke’, they are useful idiots for the communist party).

    But I’ve noticed lately—as he’s gotten older—he sometimes seems to realize what a monster he has helped to create.

    And what an IDIOT he’s been for most of his life.

    • No, John. It is just that as a trumpster diver, you cannot see the forest from
      the trees.
      Maher has always been a classical liberal. The type of liberal who brought the country child labor laws, health and safety laws, civil rights laws, Social Security, and they love their country.
      Woke Liberalism is the most extreme ideology in the Democrat Party where communists and other anti-Americans reside in the most radical part of the wing and create chaos.
      It is the same with MAGA trumpster divers. They are the most radical wing of our Republican Party.
      It is where Anti-American fascists, Nazis, and the Congressional Looney-20 claim territory in our party. Some of the latter of the Anti-Americans in our party even replaced the American flag on their lapel with an AR-15 pin.
      Trumpster divers are the people who defend the insurrection led by a draft dodger and a man wearing a hat with horns.
      They call for the military to take over the American Government and begin killing indiscriminately against those they perceive as the enemy. That has even been advocated on DML posts by trumpster divers.
      They advocate a strong response to China while their crackpot MAGA leader has a deep history doing business with communist Chinese.
      Their crackpot leader accuses Obama of not being a citizen, and accused Joe Scarborough of murdering his intern.
      He pushed the Pizzagate conspiracy that was later clearly debunked.
      He claims his election was stolen despite his 2020 presidential loss resulted in all his lawsuits about it being shot down in American courts. It will continue to be so regardless which party is in power, because all people know in the deepest crevasses of their hearts that their crackpot is pushing an election narrative he knows in a lie, and so do they, but the Nazis want total control.
      Their MAGA crackpot claims among his friends the anti-Semite, Kanye West and the Nazi spinmeister Alex Jones.
      If Herr Der Trumpkropt were to ever gain power on a level he thinks he deserves, which will never happen, he will wield his power as a totalitarian and his Trumpster divers will be his storm troops carrying out his mandate

  2. The problem w the woke on the left, that wasn’t mentioned, is that it has taken over the media, schools, universities and main stream culture as a whole, as well as the democrat party. That’s the issue and the problem and Maher has had some role to play in it, although it is interesting to see him resist the modern day democrat party. He will take a lot of heat for that, no doubt

  3. By the way, trumpster divers. Did you see my post over there at the article about the Pentagon, the balloon, and China? lol

    Trumpster divers are being duped again by their MAGA Carnival Barking Lyin’ King again.

    Go to Forbes and see.
    Yes, Chinese Spy Balloons Flew Over The U.S. When President Trump Was In Office Too

    There goes your big, tough, mean Ol’ MAGA Trumpelthinskin shooting’ down those Chinese balloons again. lol


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