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“Real Time” host and comedian Bill Maher appeared to mock supporters of former President Donald Trump even as he told Democrats to carry no malice towards them.

In Friday’s segment titled “New Rule: With Malice Towards None,” Maher started his show by claiming that Trump supporters were “Jesus freaks” and “poorly educated.” He argued that Christian and high school-educated demographics have started to view the Republican Party as more favorable than Trump himself.

The article goes on to state the following:

He later told viewers that while Trump voters are increasingly favoring the GOP over the former president, the “temptation will be to humiliate Republican voters who are now finally coming to their senses about Trump,” and say, “‘What were you thinking, you stupid fuck?’”

Maher then warned viewers saying that would “drive them right back into Trump’s arms.”

The talk show host said Trump supporters should be welcomed back to “the wonderful world of reality,” who were simply “taken by a salesman. Happens to all of us.”

Maher insisted liberals should “provide a face-saving path for them to become traditional indoor Republicans.”


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    • Isn’t he tho?!?! Definitely a jerkoff wanna be funny guy ( which he clearly isn’t!) He failed miserably in his life so he knows no better than to talk about the Best President we’ve had. Screw this idiot Greg Gutfield has the number 1 rated nite time show in comedy. Maher is just a friggin joke himself but he’s a nobody so go figure

  1. Arrogant elitist. A lot of us Trump supporters may not have 4 yr + college degrees but that doesn’t mean we aren’t educated. Life experience and industry certifications and designations are valid means of education.

    • Exactly – there is a CUNY professor upset about ending the mask mandates in schools in March – because they don’t have HEPA filters or CO2 monitors and ‘people will die’ because of this. SMH

  2. Maher double majored in English and History to achieve a BA degree, a worthless one at that. Yet he considers himself “educated”. I would be embarrassed if that was all the education I have. Everyone knows a BA degree is for serious dummies who cannot pass a science curriculum.

  3. Nothing to see here. Just another nut thinking his opinion means something. In a short time he’s going to wish he would have known Jesus!

  4. Two faced idiot. If he were a real American then he would be calling for all of us to live together in harmony not hatred. Bashing one group then calling for unity on that group is idiocy. No brains.

  5. Willy boy go fiddle little Willy that’s all your good for! Used to think you were half normal. Guess not! Another one bites the dust!!

  6. His liberal opinion means nothing to me. He can call us names but he won’t change my mind. My opinion is that Biden is a bad joke & if he supports him he is not as educated as he thinks he is..🤣🤣


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