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African-American gun rights activist Maj Toure mocked the prospect of a Michael Bloomberg-Hillary Clinton presidential ticket, saying that both Democrats have pursued policies that have been harmful to the black community.

“If they team up super-frisk is their name forever,” joked Toure on Fox Nation’s “Deep Dive” on Tuesday.

The article goes on to state the following:

The remark was a reference to Bloomberg’s support for the “stop and frisk” policing practice that rose in prominence in New York City and Hillary Clinton’s labeling of some African-American youth as “superpredators” during a 1996 speech in New Hampshire.

Toure called Bloomberg an “elitist” who has a “white savior complex.”

When Bloomberg was in a political position, he supported policies that disproportionately affected black people, Toure said.

Toure also said he doesn’t think Bloomberg wants to jail black people, but that his statements and policies are offensive.


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