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Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors has tearfully sobbed that she was being harassed by conservative commentator Candace Owens who calmly asked to speak to her outside her $1.4 million Los Angeles mansion.

Owens, 33, who works for The Daily Wire, released footage of the incident calling Cullors, 38, a ‘liar’ as she shared the edited video of her team calmly asking last Saturday to speak with the troubled activist.

The article goes on to state the following:

In Cullors’ clip, she sobs while she says she was shaken by the encounter, despite never speaking to Owens herself.

Owens lashed back with a video labeled, “Instagram vs Reality.”

The tweet was captioned:

“BREAKING! I am pre-releasing the footage of me showing up at one of Black Lives Matter founder’s, Patrisse Cullors, multiple mansions.
Remember she fake cried and said I harassed her?


“I kindly spoke to a white security guard (who remained silent) through a gate.”


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  1. Same pattern, the left destroys peoples lives and property and look for any opportunity to proclaim themselves victims. Compare that tape to what’s going on outside the homes of Supreme Court justices. Pathetic.

  2. Interesting. I see No abuse or harassment here. But find it odd that she has several homes. I think BLM needs to investigated to see if donations were misappropriated.

  3. SMDH. For That woman to outright lie is evil. Candace Owens did nothing wrong. This country has gone thru hell with harassment and violence caused by BLM. That woman is sick and twisted. I’m glad Candace released the truth.

  4. Candace Owens has never been anything but professional and tactful in any video I’ve ever seen. I’m glad she has proof of what actually happened, too bad the fake news will take that fake crying terrorist’s story and run with it. 🙄

  5. A black business (as claimed by BLM as business and not personal property) denying service to a black woman all while being guarded by a (one can assume, armed), white man! Kinda goes against their narrative don’t ya think?!!!!

  6. Safe? Then give the money you stoled back…you herd your people into cites like chattel for a political agenda then hide in your mansion?? Your the slave master who sold africans to jews then lay blame on everyone else- especially the white man.

  7. Just like some of our charismatic evangalists, blm collects the $$$$$ donated for the needy and KEEPS 100% for THEMSELVES while continuing to brainwash thier flock .

  8. Thank you, Candice!!! Coller needs to be arrested for taking their $$$$ to buy mansions. She could have use that money to help the community! Coller is up to no good.

  9. Does anyone else find it peculiarly strange to see she needs a fence but, the US doesn’t. She fake cries, no tears. Stupid people that donated thinking BLM was a good cause, bet they feel really dumb right now.

  10. I already saw what happened on YouTube and Candice never was able to speak to her because a security guard wouldn’t let her in so fhe grifter needs to stop with the fake tears.

  11. Go get her Candance! She is full of BS! Her family be safe? Why was she not thinking that about other families ????

  12. What is happening to the Supreme Court Judges is unsafe. You are just looking for support of sympathy from the foolish people who did support BLM with money for you to purchase those mansions. Lies a s the misuse of donors money will not help your cause……..yourself.

  13. Wow, Candace was so tame and respectful, especially when compared to BLM and Antifa’s mostly peaceful riots, looting, attacking elderly, murdering guards, attacking police, and setting fire to federal offices, buildings and businesses.

    Madame you abused your 501 c(3) and (4) tax status, stealing donations to buy mansions across America. You Madame are a fraud.

  14. STHU you useless cry baby. Ahh poor baby cullors, can’t take the heat with your fake tears. Can’ t stand a level playing field, right? GFY you fake bitch. Give the money back to donars which you used to but a mansion for yourself. K U N T. Entitled piece of trash.


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