VIDEO: Blood-boiling moment woke Stanford law school students taunt conservative judge invited to speak there – before dean of ‘equity’ ambushes him

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A federal appeals judge appointed by Donald Trump has demanded an apology from Stanford Law School after he was invited to speak, only to be berated by a pious dean while woke students shouted abuse at him.

Judge Kyle Duncan, from the fifth circuit of appeals, was ambushed by associate dean of equity, diversity and inclusion Tirien Steinbach during a discussion Thursday night.

Steinbach – a former ACLU lawyer who previously defended free speech – initially claimed Duncan had a right to express his views.

Steinbach then gave a six minute, prepared speech that amounted to a lecture aimed at Duncan, not the unruly students, “condemning his life’s work,” the Mail reports.

As Duncan stood by, Steinbach told the law students she “had to write something down because I am so uncomfortable up here.”

“For many people at the law school who work here, who study here, and who live here, your advocacy – your opinions from the bench – land as absolute disenfranchisement of their rights,” Steinbach continued.

“They feel harmed — not just by your speech, because if it was just words that would be one thing. You have authority and power to make decisions that impact the lives of millions.”

She accused Duncan of having a “partisan lens,” and said she hoped he could “listen through” it.

“It’s uncomfortable to say this to you as a person. It’s uncomfortable to say that for many people here, your work has caused harm … and I know that must be uncomfortable to hear. It must be.

“I’m also uncomfortable because many of the people in the room here I have come to care for.”

“For many people here, your work has caused harm,” Steinbach told Duncan.

“In my role at this university, my job is to create a sense of belonging for all students.

“And that is hard and messy and not easy, and the answers are not black or white, or right or wrong. This is part of the creation of belonging.

“And it doesn’t feel comfortable and it doesn’t always feel safe, but there are always places of safety and there is always an intention to make sure you all feel in a space where you can feel fully.”

Throughout Steinbach’s comments, when Duncan attempted to speak or answer, he was heckled by the students.

Steinbach even invited students who felt threatened that they could leave, saying that “many who go before Judge Duncan do not have a choice. You have a choice.”

According to the report, “Dozens stood and filed out, as Duncan looked on in shock and distain.”

Speaking to Reuters on Friday, Duncan on said he felt ambushed.

“In my view, this was a setup, she was working with students on this,” he said, citing an email that circulated prior to the event that included the same points.

Duncan said he was “offended” and “disturbed” by the “deeply uncivil behavior” of both the students and Steinbach.

“It would be nice if they reached out to me and said, ‘Gee, we’re sorry,’” he said.

Stanford Law dean Jenny Martinez chastised students in a statement. She said that preventing a speaker from presenting through any means violates the school’s policies.

“However well-intentioned, attempts at managing the room in this instance went awry,” she wrote.

“The way this event unfolded was not aligned with our institutional commitment to freedom of speech.”

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  1. What did he expect going to a school filled with professional victims? A very expensive school that is filled with rich families who pay cash for their spoiled kids to go there and act like victims.

  2. Omg, this is so shameful not to even allow him to speak. What are they so afraid of? How is their world view is only to let ppl speak if they pick and choose what they want to hear?
    I believe Stanford will have a huge stain on their school. I hope students leave and choose another university that allows freedom to speak. Btw FIRE THAT WOMAN!

  3. Marxists!!!
    Disease of evil 👿 shutting down free speech!!!
    Universities have become havens of evil and yet are supported by tax dollars too!!

  4. Dozens of students out of how many? That’s the problem here it’s always been the squeaky wheel gets the grease. But a few out of a hundred or more should not be calling the shots! Ignore the cry babies and move onwards!

  5. Defund stanford completely. And to think joe fucking biden wants to give debt relief to these despicable ungrateful, entitled students. Screw the little bastards. If those students go somewhere else, they will just take their victimhood with them.

  6. The law, which this judge has sworn to uphold, does not care about your feelings. Your feelings mean nothing when you commit a crime and Justice ,according to the law, is meted out to you. Not only do the students participating in the heckling and rude behavior need to be kicked out of school, the dean should be fired as well. This judge’s rulings have not harmed any of the students and to say they have is a clear sign of mental illness.

  7. Hopefully none of them will be able to get any kind of internship with a judge. Personally if I ever need a lawyer I’m going to be very careful about who I hire and will be doing research especially on where they went to school!
    None of them have learned any real law just the woke crap being taught now. Probably go to court to fight a traffic issue and wind up in jail for a few years because of having a woke lawyer who doesn’t know the first thing about the law!

  8. Such disrespect by an adult professional for this judge who was invited to speak at Stanford. It shows these students very poor behavior and she is a very bad role model. It’s not what I would be expecting from a top University. Apparently, this is the tenor of the liberal woke professionals these days. I also wonder about the students who were just as rude. What kind of students are we raising to be so blatantly disrespectful? They didn’t have to show up for the lecture if they were going to be offended by this speech but they obviously were required to show their disdain and walk out. This making a statement was uncalled for. And what happened to the exchange of ideas and debate at the university level…….I guess that philosophy has been invaded by the woke left! Disgusting…..

  9. They’re still talking about a safe space? Weak people are being created through the education system. They’re literally crybabies! If we need strong people in our military in future years we will lose the war!

  10. A university full of naive brats who will fold up after graduation because no one “will give a damn about your opinions and feelings” once you’re in the workplace. In my last several years before retirement, it was a revolving door of younglings who couldn’t cut the mustard.

    • Some of these dumbass liberal kids do nothing but have their heads in their phones 24/7 and tend to social media platforms for hours each day. When the hell do they study!!!!!! They are paying for the name of that University on their resume only. Nothing more. Fire steinbach and shut the place down. It is overpriced and over-rated.

  11. And this is a law school! This doesn’t bode well for the already deteriorating judicial system in our country. If this is what we have to work with, never again will there be justice. It chills my blood to think that these are the people who are going to stand in judgment of others! They won’t even listen to a dissenting opinion. Heaven help us all.


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