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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg declined Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” to rule out adding a path to citizenship for DREAMers to President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure package.

Anchor Jake Tapper said, “House progressives are calling you to include a path to citizenship for DREAMers in the legislation. Again, I understand this is a principle you think that is worth fighting for. Is that infrastructure?”

The article goes on to state the following:

Buttigieg said,  “That’s not in the plan that we have put forward. Of course, we need to support DREAMers. That’s important as a policy matter in this country. Now, we’re getting into the season where there is going to be a lot of push and pull on. You know how things move in different forms in terms of legislative packaging. That’s what this negotiating process will produce. But the important thing, as the president has repeatedly said, is we can’t do nothing. We can’t wait any longer, and when it comes to this infrastructure package, The American people are ready to go. We have been ready to go for years and years. I think this is the third administration to arrive with the American people clamoring for something to happen on infrastructure. I think this time we can get it done.”

Tapper asked, “Are you ruling out including a path for citizenship for DREAMers in the infrastructure bill?”

“Again, that’s not in the plan that the president has put forward. I will say that we’re hearing a lot of ideas from across the aisle and within our caucus on you know what to do about the pay-fors, different shapes that the infrastructure package and the transportation infrastructure can take,” Buttigieg continued. “I think you will find the president is ready to listen to these ideas that are going to come up, for example, in tomorrow’s meeting. But we can’t just sit here. We’ve got roads and bridges deteriorating by the day. America is not in the top 10 when it comes to transportation infrastructure —  areas that I work on the most. We got to get something done.”

“So I’ll interpret that as your mind is opened as to what else might be in the package,” Tapper said.


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  1. The roads, bridges and other actual construction jobs WON’T be there like the left is telling people they will be. They’ve begun putting all the regulations and red tape back in place so it’ll take years before any of those can begin.
    I won’t be surprised to find out that amnesty not only for DACA gets put in there but also for all the illegal aliens that are here and that includes all the ones that just swarmed over the border.

  2. I don’t think Mr Pete knows what infrastructure is. It has nothing to do with DACA or amnesty. He is a moron. It has to do with fixing our roads and bridges mostly since many are now substandard. Hard to believe he’s in charge of anything.


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