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Watergate sleuth Carl Bernstein says the House committee investigating the Capitol riot “has the goods” on former President Donald Trump and his allies.

The journalist made the comment during an appearance Wednesday on CNN, reacting to news the Jan. 6 panel asked House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for information about his communications with Trump and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows.

The article goes on to state the following:

Investigators “know what McCarthy said to a large extent to Donald Trump on Jan. 6,” Bernstein said, judging by what was in Chairman Bennie Thompson’s letter.

“We have a real conspiracy, a real cover-up, real stonewalling, in excess of anything we saw in Watergate,” Bernstein told CNN.


Bernstein has been known to frequently use the phrase ‘worse than Watergate” when referring to a scandal involving Donald Trump.

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  1. it was already cleared once ! there are no “goods” to be gotten ! so much BS ! get back to doing what the people want done ! you assholes work for “We The People “ FJB

  2. Bullshit as usual from the demonrats President Trump had nothing to do with what happened at the Capitol and that clown knows it 🤡!!!

  3. They don’t have anything on President Trump that they haven’t MANUFACTURED themselves. Only fools would believe their lies after being lied to literally for Years!

  4. The Biden family corruption far out doesanything Trump did. Obama went from nothing to exyreme wealth in 8 years on a presdent salary. Then there is the Clintons and that says it all.

  5. I only wish they had really attacked that place If patriots had . There would have not been one bat crazy democrat left.
    Next time it will be real patriots instead of the FBI and The secret service and capital police and let’s not forget Pelosi’s nephew the Shaman
    There’s tons of evidence against both Clintons for murder and rape As well as the entire Biden family and the Perverted Obama’s
    But it is Americans not illegals or criminals dead.
    Go take another vaccine in a parking lot.

  6. You mean like the same “goods” that Schiff had on Trump for the Russia collusion hoax or hit the Ukraine phone call?? I call BS. They don’t have Jack sh**on Trump or they would have already come forward with it to try to prosecute him. Bunch if schisters in our Congress!

  7. Him and Woodward need to
    Quit embarrassing themselves and proving to the world that they have overrun their time in the limelight! Theyre hasbeens and totally irrelevant anymore!


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