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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson mocked late night host Stephen Colbert after several of Colbert’s production staffers were arrested Thursday in Longworth House Office Building after it had closed.

U.S. Capitol Police arrested several of Colbert’s staffers Thursday after they allegedly entered the building and were seen on the sixth floor without congressional ID or escort when the building was closed to visitors, Fox News reported. Authorities reportedly charged all of them with unlawful entry.

The article goes on to state the following:

Carlson on Tuesday criticized Colbert, accusing the late night host of having a double standard in regards to his own staffers’ arrests and those who breached the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021.

He said, “How is what Stephen Colbert did different from what the protesters did different than what the protesters on January 6 have been convicted of doing? That’s a very good question. And it’s a question that Colbert himself spent the weekend thinking about. His conclusion? Well, unlike Trump voters, Stephen Colbert is a very good person. Therefore, any comparison to Trump voters is not simply ridiculous, it is a moral crime.”

Carlson played several clips of Colbert pushing democrat talking points and views. He said the late night host is a “partisan scold” rather than a comedian.

Carlson said, “This isn’t comedy, it’s a very sad midlife crisis. But even more than that, it’s an information war being waged against television viewers on behalf of the Democratic Party. At least when the White House press secretary does it, she admits what she’s doing. Colbert hides behind his former job as a comedian. It’s all a joke. When people we don’t like break into the Capitol, it’s an insurrection; when we do it, it’s sketch comedy.”


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