VIDEO: Chaos as enraged husband attacks doctor at OB/GYN conference: ‘You know what you did!’

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A man strode up to a panel of OB/GYNs at a medical conference in Baltimore and abruptly slapped the speaker on stage — twice — while claiming the Long Island-based physician had sexually assaulted his wife, according to a video of the incident.

A woman who appeared to be the man’s wife calmly stood nearby during her husband’s nearly two-minute long, profane diatribe from the stage.

“You know what you did… you touched my wife seven years ago in New York,” the man shouted, as he first pointed to his wife and then slapped the physician a second time. “Don’t be an a—-le.”

“Seven years I waited for this, seven!” the man yelled. “Seven years my wife has been suffering because you… a predator.”

In a separate video the man and his wife tell a bystander about the allegation, saying she had reported the doctor for harassment.

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