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Chilling audio of the exchange between the pilot of the plane that crashed in California on Monday and air traffic control reveals moments of intense alarm and apparent disorientation.

“It looks like you are drifting off course. Are you correcting?” an air traffic controller is heard asking Dr. Sugata Das, an Arizona cardiologist and pilot of the deadly flight.

The article goes on to state the following:

The air traffic controller then became more specific in his commands to Das.

“Low altitude alert. Climb immediately. Climb the airplane. Maintain 5,000. Expedite the climb. Climb the airplane please,” the air traffic controller warned.

LISTEN to the full exchange in the video below:

The following video shows the moments just after the plane crashed in the residential area, causing two homes to erupt into a massive fireball and killing a UPS driver who was in his truck.

Good Samaritans rushed to rescue a woman from her burning home:

One of the homes destroyed in the crash reportedly belonged to a recently married couple, identified as Courtney and Cody, who had just finished remodeling it the day before.

In the photo below, the plane’s engine is seen, which ended up at the back of a home.

Aerial reporter Malik Earnest provided photos and tweeted, “Additional aerial images from overhead Santee in San Diego where a plane crashed show just how massive the scene stretches. More than 12 homes were damaged and two were totally destroyed. Residents saved two elderly people from one of the two homes before it went up in flames.”

“The pilot of the plane that crashed into several homes in the Santee area has been identified as Doctor Sugata Das, a cardiologist in Yuma, Arizona. Dr. Das worked in Yuma but lived in San Diego, flying back and forth frequently. He died in the crash.”

The UPS driver who perished as a result of the crash was identified as Steve Krueger, who had worked for UPS for 30 years and was just months away from retiring.

VIDEO: San Diego newlyweds lose home they just finished remodeling in plane crash

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