VIDEO: China expert reveals ‘cynical reason’ Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan

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Hudson Institute director for Chinese strategy Michael Pillsbury revealed the “cynical reason” that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan on “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

“Republicans had been capturing the national sentiment on China as a threat,” he told host Mark Levin. “You get polls coming back — 70%, 80% of the public thinks that. And Democrats were positioned poorly. They seemed to be helping China, apologizing for China. Mike Pompeo, Donald Trump — these were champions [who] do something about China. I think Nancy Pelosi and her team recognize this.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan says, “We Democrats are tough on China, too,” he added.

Her trip will be “hypocritical” and will not have halted China’s “100-year marathon” if she rejects all Republican strategies on the country, Pillsbury noted.

“China seems to be something that’s rhetorically possible to deal with by condemning China, but actual cutting off of foreign direct American investment in China — that’s a big one,” Pillsbury continued. “Actually arresting people who engage in economic espionage. Not just having cases the [FBI] Director Wray says he has thousands of, but actual arrests and prosecution.”


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  1. Sorry, gentlemen but that will never happen. One, I would say that the majority of Americans doesn’t have a clue about what you are talking about. They look at China as a big,bad country but have no clue about the FBI sitting on their hands when they could charge these companies with a crime. Secondly, that would mean in this circle of criminal activity our government officials would be in the first group arrested. We know that will never happen.

    • Speak for yourself, we do have a clue what they’re talking about, get off your high horse, the American citizens are not dumb as you insinuate ! We see right through what the Demoncrats did by flying Nancy to Taiwan

  2. Correct, this was all posturing and window dressing for the next level of threats the Democratic Party will throw at the American people.
    All staged to move America closer to the Globalist and The New World Order.
    Since Biden , terrorists that Obama release are in control of Afghanistan , American military equipment left behind with our military secrets in Afghanistan, and the tsunami of terrorist coming into our country by way of the border without any oversight or vetting.
    China moving in right next door to military bases. Selling our reserves of Oil and closing the Keystone pipeline and using the ruse of climate change.
    Drive up oil prices to disable supply chains and farmers and the ability to grow our own food. All this less than 2 years with this shadow government that was appointed.
    Just to name a few.
    You would have to be deaf , blind , and dumb , not not understand what is going on or part of the process.


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