VIDEO: Chinese Communist Party Uses Dem Lawmaker to Declare TikTok Ban Racist

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The Chinese Communist Party is using a Democratic congressman from Wisconsin to argue that calls to ban TikTok in the United States are part of a racist “witch hunt.”

After a bipartisan group of lawmakers during a Thursday hearing grilled TikTok CEO Shou Chew over the app’s ties to the CCP, China’s foreign ministry condemned the hearing in a press conference. Chinese propaganda outlet Global Times quickly highlighted the government’s response in a story headlined, “China denounces US TikTok ban threat as ‘xenophobic witch hunt,’ firmly opposes possible forced sale.” But the “xenophobic witch hunt” line did not come from China—the communist nation was actually quoting Wisconsin Democratic congressman Mark Pocan.

One day before the hearing, Pocan spoke at a “Keep TikTok” rally, which saw online content creators and liberal politicians voice their support for the Chinese app. During his speech, Pocan argued that banning TikTok “isn’t the answer” and accused those in Congress who support a ban of conducting a “xenophobic witch hunt.” It took just two days for the CCP to weaponize Pocan’s remark, with foreign ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning noting in her Friday press conference “that some U.S. lawmaker has said that to seek a TikTok ban is a ‘xenophobic witch hunt.'”

“I have watched people do magic tricks … food being made — none of that is a threat to this country,” Pocan declared last week, arguing that people are only using TikTok to share their creative backgrounds.

“What is a threat is when you challenge first amendments rights. What is a threat to this country is when you become xenophobic and you decide one company from one country on a list is not going to work,” he claimed.


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  1. Mark get a clue! Do you have children? And hopefully they haven’t committed suicide!
    China hates us and will do anything to spy on us!

  2. He has no clue even my friends that are black are so over the word racist. They have prostituted it way too much my friend Esther say’s.

  3. Folks, remember what we learned from the pandemic and Twitter files? The creep-state AKA Deep State want to control everything Americans hear and see to manipulate and control. Elon Musk has put a crimp in their plans by opening up Twitter. Tik Tok is horrible and I certainly do not advocate anyone use it, but, I cannot imagine China spying on us anymore than our own government, thanks to the Patriot Act which we have seen being used to interfere in our elections and spy on innocent American citizens.

    • Thank you, Hillery. I’d like to associate myself with your comments. I would think long and hard before banning a platform for speech. The Maladministration should explain to the Congress in closed session first what some of the technical vulnerabilities are.

  4. What the hell has happened to the people of Wisconsin and Minnesota who are electing these douchebags. In my limited travel to these states years ago, I found a lot of ethnic Germanic and Scandinavian people (people similar to me). I do understand that both states have been recently impacted by an influx of flotsam of immigrants, but damn, this jackwagon looks like a first-class loser.

  5. Does this asshole realize that it is not actually all the searches you do, it is how the chinese can monitor YOUR COMPUTER with their tools to gain access to your personal data in your computer when you are using that website.


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