VIDEO: CNN Anchor: Taliban Won’t Respect the U.S. After Dobbs Decision

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On Thursday, CNN International’s Christiane Amanpour warned that the U.S. Supreme Court overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling last week would result in the Taliban no longer respecting the United States.

Amanpour told “CNN Newsroom” that overturning Roe v. Wade was a “really serious” moment not only for American women but also “America’s ability to hold its head up as a democracy that respects the rights of every constituent.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“I would also say that as a conclusion, American democracy and the state of American women’s rights are being really looked at, not just by the rest of the West, as these meetings are happening, but by the rest of the world,” advised Amanpour.

She said, “You think the Taliban are going to actually say, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re going to adhere to what you tell us for recognition based on what, you know, on what we do about women?’ This is really serious, this moment, for American women and for America’s ability to hold its head up as a democracy that respects the rights of every constituent.”

Amanpour observed that she had “covered repressive regimes who have set back women’s rights” during her tenure and revealed, “[N]ever in the history of women’s rights in America have we seen such a reversal in a developed country. It just hasn’t happened.”


President of Real Clear Politics Tom Bevan responded, “This is so dumb she’ll probably get a job co-hosting The View.”

Writer Mollie Hemingway said, “TBF, the Taliban probably *are* impressed by the brutality, blodthirstiness, and ruthless passion of the abortion movement.”

Political analyst Mr. Alshammeri wrote, “Since when has the Taliban obeyed by International laws or human rights. CNN reports once again having a crazy talk.”

Newsmax contributor Bryan Leib tweeted, “What about the rights of women inside the Islamic Republic of Iran? Have you ever asked your friends in Tehran about this when you bring them on your program? Of course you haven’t..”

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    • I never watch CNN. Would never give them a single second of my time. Also don’t want their jibberish on my DML News app either. I trust DML for honest news not CNN garbage.

  1. Taliban has no rights to say anything about our country and they need to take care of theirs because the United States don’t tell them what to do or what rights they have for their women period. Taliban just FK off

  2. Why don’t you idiots educate yourselves & STHU! First of all who cares if the Taliban respects the SC decision or not! There will still be abortions in the US. The Individual states will decide abortion policy.

  3. Seriously we are discussing what the taliban thinks? Disgusting po💩, who really gives a flying f**k what they think. You are actually reporting 💩 like this? Devil trolls

  4. What stupidity thinks that the Taliban cares if we have roe versus Wade in the United States and like the American people are supposed to care Taliban don’t respect us anyway we got Joe Biden in the office

  5. What a bunch of malarkey.

    That left a pile of crap so big that you couldn’t step over it even if you were wearing stilts.

    If the taliban doesn’t respect the United States, it because joejoe is a weak and confused resident – who’s not at all in charge of this country.

    Looks like the covid jabs have affected her cognition abilities.

  6. The left continues to surprise me , just when I think they can’t say or do anything more ignorant than they already have !! But alas they improve upon their ignorance more every day !! This foreign woke pos is a poster socialist for the anti American left !!

  7. They respected us so much, they killed 14 service members. Amanpour should be drummed out of the business with that asinine comment. What a stupid bitch. The Taliban hates us. Sorry, but I don’t care if terrorists respect us or not. Get the hell off tv, idiot!

  8. Total crock of crap, this reporter shows she does not know what the hell she says. Muslim are fundamentalists, they don’t believe in abortion either. Either way it’s not a reason to change the Supreme Court ruling

  9. Why should we care what the taliban think, besides I didn’t think the taliban respected women. They treat them like 3rd class people.

  10. Someone clarify for me what is the Dobbs decision! I read the article twice and see nothing that is attributed to someone named Dobbs.


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