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A CNN host and guest said Wednesday that the latest revelations from hearings held by the Jan. 6 Select Committee was likely not enough to indict former President Donald Trump.

“That does not look good, but I think it’s actually far from a smoking gun,” Laura Jarrett, an attorney and host of CNN’s “Early Start” said on “New Day.” “For the question to be what did Trump say and the answer to be he passed the phone, I think that’s quite attenuated, actually.”

The article goes on to state the following:

“This is part of the problem with having this be a congressional investigation instead of a DOJ investigation,” Jarrett said.


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  1. Bullshit CNN Trump is going to win because he was the best President ever and Biden is going to hell with his staff period

  2. This whole J6 sham is a lot like what the babylonians did to Daniel. A setup/trap bc they actually have no crime. Judy a witch hunt

  3. The more they try to convict Trump, the more people TURN AWAY FROM THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. We’ve HEARD IT BEFORE; how long will they keep at the SAME ALLEGATIONS??? America WAS THRIVING with Trump AND Americans WANT TO SEE MORE OF THAT!!

  4. He’s saying the quiet part out loud! It’s sole purpose is to indict trump! They should be jailed. It’s criminal!

  5. Ok since President Trump was impeached on false charges does he have any kind of personal recourse he can take? Can he personally sue the people on it the impeachment team the players in it . I don’t see why he can’t get some revenge/recourse for defamation of him.


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