VIDEO: CNN host admits that evidence of Chinese funneling money to Biden family ‘doesn’t look good’

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CNN anchor Erin Burnett admitted that revelations showing members of the Biden family received over a million dollars from accounts linked to Hunter Biden’s Chinese business associates certainly don’t “look good” for the embattled Hunter Biden and his family as they face government investigations into their alleged corruption.

During an episode of CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” the host brought up subpoenaed financial records obtained by the House Oversight Committee showing that money from Joe Biden’s son was funneled to several members of the Biden family, including James Biden, and Beau Biden’s widow.

Burnett asked her guest “Just Security” co-editor-in-chief Ryan Goodman about the revelations and admitted to him that any lay person who sees these payoffs are going to think they don’t “look good.”


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  1. So now you assholes at K U N T News Network are finally starting to see the damn light, ehh? After six years of your fucking lying, harassing conservatives and Trump supporters, and propping up the biden crime family only to protect the illegal activity going on with the entire lot of them and protecting the shithead golden boy joe, you finally admit something is wrong here. “It doesn’t look good” are not strong enough words here. Guilty, guilty, and guilty sounds more like it. But when it was Trump, you had him guilty, even though there was no crime and he was proven innocent, right? And you still continued to spread your filthy hate. Fuck off cnn, I hope your ratings continue to TANK just like the banks in trouble now. You MFers should be removed from the airwaves, PERIOD. You are low life trash.

  2. Biden is a constant reminder that the Democrat party advocates for lawlessness. The only prosecutions the left approve of are political prosecutions. I wonder when it will dawn on their voters that their political party has weaponized our institutions to form a fascist government.

  3. Why doesn’t the DOJ arrest this SOB instead of some Jack leg in NYC trying to arrest President Trump, the legitimate President of the USA ???


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