VIDEO: CNN host rills Buttigieg On why admin waited so long to shoot balloon down

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CNN’s Jake Tapper grilled Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg on Sunday about why it took so long for the Biden administration to shoot down the Chinese surveillance balloon while on “State of the Union.”

After several days of hovering above several highly sensitive sites, including over Montana, home to the Malmstrom Air Force Base which houses Minuteman III nuclear missiles, officials shot down the balloon Saturday afternoon. The Pentagon was tracking the balloon as it headed eastward over the Carolinas before hovering above the Atlantic Ocean. U.S. military jets were seen flying near the balloon with several recovery vessels in the water below. President Joe Biden ordered the Pentagon to take the balloon down but authorities recommended against it, warning that falling debris could possibly injure those on the ground below.

“This suspected Chinese spy balloon entered U.S. airspace eight days ago, two Saturday’s ago in Alaska,” Tapper said. “Once it became clear this was not an accident, why did the U.S. not shoot it down then?”

“The president gave instructions to have it handled, to have it shot down in a way that was safe,” Buttigieg replied.

“As you may have seen, there’s reporting now that the debris field that was created by this balloon when it was shot down was about seven miles long. Any time the military is considering an operation like that, they have to consider the safety of the American people,” he added.


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  1. Oh I’m sure they were worried about injuring people below. They have been injuring people now for 24 months.

    So either the balloon was checking our Military capability if China decide to invade Taiwan. Or they were checking out the bases for Russia if they decide to retaliate against us for helping Ukraine.

  2. Please… This admin didn’t even think we would
    Know. A real journalist actually alerted us. The bastards let it leave China and float clear across the
    Ocean to get here. They knew!! The real
    Is this— Why
    Did they let China?
    Our own seedy corrupt
    Pig government is not plotting with China to ruin us. China wants our
    Land. Call it what it is!!!

  3. I’m SURE the American people were their first consideration NOT ! This administration has never cared about the US citizen in anything they’ve done the last 2 years ! Why would they start now, except to use us as an excuse !


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