VIDEO: Colorado shooter appears dazed, bloodied in court, bruised in mugshot

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The person accused of massacring five people in a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub was badly battered and covered in bruises from the rampage in new mugshots released Wednesday — after appearing visibly dazed in court.

Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22 — who identifies as nonbinary and uses the pronouns they/them — was seen with huge patches of discoloration on their face and neck in the mugshots after they were subdued by two bystanders in the middle of the alleged attack at a Colorado Springs LGBTQ nightclub on Saturday.

Aldrich was ordered held without bond at their first court appearance Wednesday, where they sported a beard and appeared cuffed and slouched in a chair during the video hearing, with their head slumped and resting on their shoulder as if asleep.

Aldrich appeared bloodied and bruised in court. He was reportedly “nearly motionless” as he attended the five-minute hearing where he spoke only when he was prompted by two public defenders.

Aldrich is likely to be charged with murder and hate-crimes, but formal charges have not yet been filed. He is accused of entering Club Q and opening fire with a gun, killing five and wounding over a dozen more. The alleged shooter was tackled by two people in the club and disarmed.


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  1. Can’t any normal person see how the they/them name can confuse an audiences because it sounds like more than one? People have lost their ever loving minds! The adults are letting mentally disturbed people run our world!

  2. The counts for murder dont make sense. ..IT killed 5 people injured 17 but is getting 10 counts of murder according to the news briadcast in this article. Help me make sense of this. And its a hate crime? How is it a hate crime when he killed his own kind of debaucherous people.

  3. I agree with RJ that it does make it seem like more than one person. It is senseless reading it. I also agree with ERIN he killed 5 people but is being charged with 10 counts . Unless the media reported it wrong, is it the stupid way they teach math now or did the people who died think they were them/they & are they counting it as killing 2 people? It’s very confusing.

    • It’s likely two different degrees of murder for 5 people that he/it is being charged with. Charges are often trumped up so that prosecutors have something to work with when making plea deals. Or if it goes to trial then if they can’t prove to the jury to convict on the higher degree then they’ll use the lower degree as a fallback to still get a conviction.

  4. This pathetic turd doesn’t even deserve a trial, but that is the way our laws work. The media is pathetic. 5 people murdered and the media are worried about using pronouns. Too bad if this pathetic turd is concerrned about that.

  5. The MSM are painting him as a right. I saw the interview with his dad who claims to be a Republican. He also thought his kid had committed suicide years ago. That to me signals he deserter his kid. The was also was a drug dealer and was just an all around bad father. I actually thought his father was high when he was speaking to the press


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