VIDEO: Comedian Attacks Trump Supporters Who Don’t Want Coronavirus Vaccine

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Patton Oswalt is reportedly using his latest Netflix special to attack Trump supporters who have refused to get the coronavirus vaccine, labeling them as “backward, racist, sexist, homophobic dipshits.”

Oswalt’s Netflix special When We All Scream, which debuted Tuesday, features the radical leftist comedian tackling a wide range of subjects including coronavirus lockdowns, wokeness, and his own aging.

At one point, he addresses the coronavirus vaccine, telling the Denver audience that he’s vaccinated and double-boosted, which elicited applause, according to a report from The Daily Beast. He then says how “sad” it is to celebrate that. “You get applause for taking the most basic care of your health,” he said. “That’s like me saying, ‘Folks, I wipe after I shit.’”

The comedian then proceeds to compare “MAGA country’s” abstaining from getting the vaccine to people who also refused the polio vaccine decades ago. He said both groups are as “backward, racist, sexist, homophobic dipshits” .

Oswalt joked, pretending to be an old person, “Gimme that shot, I can’t police these water fountains from a wheelchair!”

The comedian also explained later in the special that he is “woke.”

Oswalt said, “I’m woke, I think. But you know what? I won’t be someday. Be woke, be open-minded, just don’t pat yourself on the back, because it will bite you in the ass.”

WATCH the official trailer below:

Oswalt tweeted Monday, “TOMORROW! My new special, WE ALL SCREAM, drops on @netflix! You guys ready?”

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  1. F**k him and all his supporters. These f’n morons will not let it go if they are so hell bent on criticizing real thinking Americas they can eat 💩 and die.

  2. The difference is the MAGA group will take the high road. We will not reach out to Netflix to have him cancelled. We will just make the choice to not watch it. Unlike the woke left who freaked out over Dave Chapelle and demanded that he be cancelled.

  3. Nobody knows who this clown is anyway or cares what he thinks or says. Watch what is said about him when he drops dead unexpectedly. They’ll say he died from unknown causes or something to that effect.

  4. Here I go…..What I would like to tell Mr. Oswalt is don’t tell me what I can put in my body. Also, don’t call me names you big bully. He wants to talk about health issues when it looks like he is over weight. Someone needs to tell him to look in the mirror. One more thing…he is nothing but an actor so get a damn life buddy. Who would listen to him…he is a nobody to me!!!

  5. After seeing his picture, I remember who he was and I’ve never liked him. Too bad he has such a low opinion of Trump supporters, after Trump wins the next Presidential election, we’ll remember who he was and maybe we’ll pay him a visit !

  6. Just be sure we choose to what we want to put in our body now becomes racist? Sexist? And homophobic? How does that work? Does he even know what he is talking about? How does not taking the job has anything to do with racist? Sexist? Or homophobic? This clown seems to backwards to me! Can’t fix stupid!

  7. So please tell me how this irrelevant idiot knows that ONLY Trump Supporters didn’t get the vaccine. Did he poll every single Democrat in the country. What a pathetic delusional fool. A real POS. Such a has been non talent.

  8. I wouldn’t even give you my dog’s shit about this nobody. Just another looser trying for 15 minutes of fame mentioning Trump.
    He’s soo original & provocative!! Lol
    Poster boy for NAMBLA

  9. He makes a lot of assumptions and lumps everyone into one big group and assigns a motivation for not getting a shot. There are people from all walks of life and with all different reasons for making a decision about their own health. Who is he to disparage everyone? I imagine he stepped on a lot of toes he didn’t expect to. Liberals always overplay their hand and then seem surprised when it backfires. I hope he realizes the consequences of his stereotyping.

  10. Patton, sit down an shut the fuk up! Your not funny and ur stupid ass is still trying to push a death shit that does nothing to save a person but killed over 40,000 and that’s a low number !

  11. Maybe someone close to him will pass from blood clots from the jab. Or get a false positive cancer diagnosis as many others have. Then maybe he will go from WOKE to WOKEN.

  12. These ‘woke’ really expose what they truly are. They are not kind, nonjudgmental people. All they can do is name call and make broad attacks. There is no evidence to back up their accusations. They are angry individuals who clearly have mental health issues needing to be addressed.

  13. We now know the polio vaccine decades ago contained one or more live simian viruses that very well might be the main cause of the explosion in soft tissue cancers ever since. Read “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” by Edward Haslett.


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