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Chelsea Handler said “white men” need to stop complaining about “cancel culture,” asking what’s so “fucking hard” about apologizing.

“I think that when people make an apology, and it’s sincere, that that should count for something,” the 46-year-old comedian shared during her appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. The comments were noted by Mediaite in a piece published Friday.

The article goes on to state the following:

“And the people that aren’t apologizing need to understand why they need to apologize, and actually address the issue head-on instead of trying to get back in under the door,” she added. “All you have to do is say you’re sorry and mean it. Why’s that so fucking hard?”

She explains that this is a “learning curve” for everybody but calls out “white men” specifically.

“Why’s the party over?’” she continued. “Why’s the fucking party over? We can’t rape you guys anymore? You’re gonna tell on us?”

“If you’re a man talking to a woman about sexism, or if you’re a white person talking to a person of color about racism, the only responses are ‘Thank you,’” Handler continued. “‘Thank you for telling me, thank you for spending your time explaining this me and I’m sorry that I didn’t know better.’”


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  1. Apologize for what? Freeing blacks from slavery? I don’t understand what the hell you idiots want us “white” people to apologize for. America has come so far and people like Chelsea Handler wasn’t around when white men lost their lives freeing the slaves.
    There are a lot of black and brown people that don’t get the whole going backwards initiative trying to be forced upon us by you libtards.

  2. I apologize to no one for anything and I never will I’m not sorry that I’m white I’m not sorry about any of it and I could care less what any comedian after or politician says or pro sports person I could care less what any of them think their opinion is no different than any normal persons and carries no more weight

  3. Ok I grew up in North Memphis one of the toughest Cities in this country one of only 2 white families on my block .Most of my friends growing up were black but even if I hadnt grown up in the environment I grew up in I would not and will not apologize for being white nor will I apologize for things I had no part of its called life. EVeryone for the most part grew up with struggles of some sort unless you were born rich.Tired of cancel culture and its Hollywood vultures .To Chelsea Handler go fuck yourself you has been hollywood whore.

  4. Hey race baiter how about supporting your own race and stop your phony patronizing and pandering. Your the real problem clown

  5. A man at work was complaining about the white man and he was making all kinds of accusations
    I got totally fed up with his baseless claims about all white men
    I spoke up and said I’ve never owned a plantation and you’ve never picked any cotton
    So shut the F up

  6. Replying to that clown, maybe men of color need to quit crying about how hard they have it and realize they are no different than anyone else!! Work for what you want, be an example to your children!!! You need to shut up and sit down clown azz!

  7. I venture to say a Hellas lot of WHITE MEN fought and DIED to end slavery. Fought to end segregation. Fought for equal opportunity and affirmative action. As a single White mom of 4 I honestly had a college advisor say “to bad you aren’t black or an immigrant”. And he was right because me and mine worked for everything. Given nada. 7 YEARS on 4 City’s list for housing assistance before 1st and ONLY call they had a house for us. Oh but things weren’t hard ” cause we was white” !!! Lol. So much I hear from these whiners is so laughable. Our poorest “welfare” people are rich compared to so many in the world. Got their big tv’s everyone got their cell phones cars…new commercial out. U see UT? Young gal boo hoo’s only 6 % new businesses by black people. Some young successful black producer whines not enough blacks in the arts, in Hollywood. I’d say careful what you wish on your people with that one but to both…look at Denzel! Look at Candace! Look at the Williams sisters! There are lots of black entrepreneurs out there. But they are to busy to whine for more black privilege… they are WORKING. Or at least trying to given this past bs year. Look at YOURSELVES! How about telling the people who for DECADES get to be first in line for OPPORTUNITIES cause they ARE BLACK to maybe GET OFF THEIR LAZY WHINING ASSES AND WORK FOR IT!!!
    (frustrated rant over. ty)

  8. And this being said by a hypocrite “white woman” of privilege who has obtained her wealth from blacks, white, Latinos, etc who pay to watch her “humor”(if that’s what you call it).

  9. I am a white male from a broken family no father figure put myself through college 7 years – have been married for thirty years two wonderful children – I never receive any help – if you want to succeed the opportunities are there if you work hard. This whole thing is such bullshit – I have nothing to do with slavery – suppression – you know who is responsible the government they never stop talking about it. Nobody wants to take responsibility for themselves always somebody else’s fault!!!!!

  10. Hmm and why would anyone take advice from this one? Is she the voice of wisdom? DML why is this on the news feed? Who cares what she thinks?

  11. This is nothing more than the idiots of the 70s, shaming returning veterans from the Vietnam war and bashing the police….which is where the term “pigs” came from to reference Police Officers. So now this privileged idiot thinks every white person should apologize for something their great great grandparents did or may not have done. What about the “white” folks who fought on the union side of the civil war and already apologized for what their families did by dying for their freedom. Just do comedy and STFU.

  12. With that line of thinking- I would like to apologize for all the women regarding her shallow stupidity. She is a dark cloud to our gender. She’s dumb and irrelevant.

  13. Says the White bitch who would be the first bitch to call the cops on a black man for tipping his hat to her!!!

  14. I don’t even know who or what race this person is and could care even less ,, I will never apologize for being White ,, as a matter of fact I’m very proud to be White ,, I owe no one anything but my self and my family .. if more White people actually thought this way instead of .. awe who’s feelings am I hurting ?? Wow get a fucking life cause guess what those people your bleeding your heart out for and fighting for don’t give a fuck about you!!! Your stupid sheep

  15. I’m sorry Chelsea ……for your depravity. I’m sorry black America for putting you in chains. What’s that? You’re not in chains? I guess there’s no reason to be sorry then is there? But Chelsea, I’m afraid……you’re still a schwans.


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