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A viral video that shows a Texas sheriff’s deputy pinning an 18-year-old woman to the ground sparked an investigation and led to the deputy getting placed on administrative leave.

Footage of the Tuesday incident in Forney, east of Dallas, shows Kaufman County Deputy Conner Martin, who is white, laying on top of the teen, who is black, and then taking her mother to the ground and arresting her.

The article goes on to state the following:

A body camera video released by the department shows Martin approach the barefoot and agitated teen after cops received multiple calls that she was suicidal and jumping into traffic, police said in a press release.

The video shows the officer questioning the woman about why she is so upset. While holding her arm he asks her several times to stay still but she refuses.

The teen identified by her mother as Nekia Trigg says multiple times to the officer “Why are you hurting me? I don’t want you to hurt me.”

Trigg eventually pulls away from the officer and he pins her down while she screams “I can’t breathe,” the video shows.

WATCH the body cam footage here:

Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office posted a statement to their Facebook page about the incident.

Attorney Ben Crump tweeted a video an onlooker shot of the incident. Crump said, “This incident was handled horribly! Why did this Kaufman County Sheriff officer need to restrain this young lady in such an inappropriate manner?! Thankfully, an internal investigation has been launched into the actions of this officer!”

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  1. Why is she worried about breathing if she’s gonna commit suicide? This is a set-up. They hope to get millions on Go-Fund-Me and more govt money. Would the cop be on administrative leave if he had let her go to ‘commit suicide’?

  2. Do we have to go through this crap again? When will the Black community learn to accept accountability and being generally lawful?

  3. Too bad she didn’t get run over when she was running into traffic. Do us all a favor. Just another crazy loud black woman. And here comes the lawyer out of the woodwork. He should’ve just reported that he couldn’t locate subject.

  4. Here we go again ,, may have saved her life but ruined his career!! Here comes the attorneys, Tax dodger Sharpton tonight or tomorrow !!! Then big dollars and statues and monuments !!!! Ridiculous

  5. If this 18 year old would have complied to commands she wouldn’t be in the trouble she is now. Her yelling “I can’t breathe” is total BS. She had enough breath to scream and holler constantly. So, that tells me she sure as hell could breath. And momma reaching in trying to pull her daughter out of the cops grasp constitutes interference in an arrest. They got what they deserve!

  6. another family after big bucks from
    the police!this is BS! guess the officer was supposed to say wait a minute before i restrain you i gotta put my body cam back on since you knocked it off me

  7. This was a set up! She could breath, the cop wasn’t smothering her or cutting off her ability to breath! Then the mother interfering with the arrest, deserved to be arrested also! Guess she thought it was ok that her daughter was jumping into traffic on the street, probably on purpose! I hope the judge locks them up and orders psyche evals. On Them cuz they’re nuts!

  8. A black cop kills a while white unarmed women at the capitol and not a word, but a white cop pins a suicidal black woman down and it’s the end of the world!!

  9. Well then if she does want to die which is sad… let her go into traffic. That’s better than restraining her, and then all of a sudden she wants to live. I mean sad… but what else can you do.

  10. Ouch did that seriously hurt when that car ran across yer head – it certainly looked painful — the end.
    Just saying….!!!

  11. This was definitely a setup. Lots of crying but absolutely no tears. I wonder how much they got paid to make this happen.

  12. The cop was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t.
    The cop should have just let her kill herself!
    This was a set up to keep the craziness going!

  13. Moral of story: If you’re s white cop, do not help a black person in distress. It’s a set up to ruin your life and discredit all cops

  14. Scammers.

    If he’d left her alone and she’d run out in the street and been hit by a car, they’d have twisted that to be his fault.

    Newsflash: when a police officer tells you to stop and stay still, you stop and stay still.

    He was talking respectfully and gently to her and she just kept telling him she didn’t want him to hurt her. That was nonsense on her part.

    Again, scammers.

    Maybe a (black) attorney will step up, represent the officer, call bullcrap on this, and sue them for a nominal amount so people learn not to pull scams like this.



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