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Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw is “sick” of the infighting within the Republican Party that could cost the GOP election outcomes in both 2022 and 2024, he told the Washington Examiner in an exclusive interview.

Crenshaw, who has been sidelined from recent political gatherings in Congress due to medical trouble with his left eye, said he was “grateful” not to have taken part in a Wednesday vote to remove Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, an outspoken critic of former President Donald Trump, from her post as conference chairwoman.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I’m very grateful to be outside that particular drama because it is just drama,” he said. “It is all self-imposed drama, it is self-imposed division. Frankly, I’m very sick of it. It is the only way that we lose in [2022] and the presidency in [2024]. The only way we lose is this BS, self-imposed drama.”

Crenshaw claimed that most of the GOP has split into two camps, “Trump loyalists” and “anti-Trumpers.” He said he will not be joining either of these camps.

“There’s both sides of it, OK, it comes from the Trump loyalists, and it comes from the anti-Trumpers, and I don’t believe that I’m in either category,” he said. “I’m not part of this undying loyalty cult to Trump, and I’m certainly not part of some anti-Trump cult either.”

Crenshaw said during the first vote to oust Cheney he and others supported her but she “kept pushing and thereby lost support.”

“Just be yourself,” he said. “Just be yourself. When you push too hard, people resist back, and ironically, you end up in a place worse off than you wanted to be in the first place. I definitely supported Liz before, and obviously, the majority of the conference did, but she kept pushing and thereby lost support.”

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  1. First off. The party needs to get rid of the rinos. I know for a fact that there are dems that have run as Republicans just so they could get elected. Second. The party needs to back whom the WE THE PEOPLE choose. Third. When you have the most obvious crooked and illegal election of all time…..then the party needs to get off their ass and FIGHT. Quit being wusses.

  2. We didn’t lose the election in 2020 the democrats did it was stolen from us and why we are in this mess is because of rino republicans who allowed this to take place. They didn’t fight for our President!

  3. I think Crenshaw is wrong. Republicans are tired of these Rino’s, and it is not dividing the Republican Party, it is making the Party stronger. Cheney is a bad apple in the Republican Party. She should not be in a high leadership position.

  4. Boy, what an unfortunate choice of words referring to the base of his own party as a cult. Since when is love of country a “cult”? The movement that supports Trump existed long before Trump came on the political scene. In my lifetime, it dates back to the Reagan Revolution. Rep Dan C should know, the GOP establishment didn’t like Reagan either and he had to select Bush as his VP to get the support of the establishment. It’s the same fight between the same two dynamics. The GOP base who expects promises made to be kept vs the GOP establishment who treat the Republican Party like a family business for self enrichment. Standing on the sidelines is Rep Dan C’s business, but he should not perceive his stance as virtuous. It’s not. Maybe this fight within the GOP needs to happen. It’s been a long time coming. I happen to think the voter base support for the GOP establishment is smaller than they pretend.

    • “I’m not part of this undying loyalty cult to Trump, and I’m certainly not part of some anti-Trump cult either.”

      Where do you see he called his base a cult? I see him referencing his colleagues and their cult like behavior, certainly not his base.

      A Rino? Crenshaw? This man is a patriot still suffering for his service to this country.

      People not pick. Do we have nothing more to do with our time and energy than not pick our own? The division in this party is palpable and everyone looks for perfection in printed one dimensional words where there are no inflections, etc. I’m not perfect answering a question, I’m doubtful anyone is. It just seems our entire citizenry is preoccupied with fault Fi doing and making quick rash decisions without time to co Sider perhaps it was just taken wrong, misunderstood or a answer given on the fly.

      I’m beginning to think there’s no unity ANYWHERE anymore. We’ve all turned into a bunch of right fighters

      • Hmmm… Democrats serve in the military too. Does that make them patriots? Ignoring the constitution and trying to take away rights from U.S. citizens is not patriotic. Winky Crenshaw is no patriot. He is a party apparatchik disguised in a red jersey. Hero worship serves no one.

      • I never questioned the man’s patriotism or service so I don’t know where that is coming from. Regardless if he was referring to the base or colleagues as being cult like, he’s wrong to do so because name calling is an intellectually lazy argument. Yes, I think hero’s are not above criticism. The Fight within the GOP isn’t about cult like behavior. It’s about one side undermining the other. When Trump took office the GOP establishment were no better that the Democrats. They leaked, lied and tried to derail his Presidency. When he wanted to withdraw troops from Middle East hot spots, his own Secretary of Defense lied to him about the draw down. That is treacherous behavior and they did this to the candidate the voters chose to lead the country. We are way past “can’t we all just get along”. That’s not being the adult in the room. That’s burying your head in the sand to a problem that if left unaddressed, contracts the GOP base. Reagan built a coalition that landed 49/50 states. The GOP establishment squandered and scattered that coalition in 4 years under Bush. What do these people bring to the table when it comes to the good of the nation? Nothing.

  5. John McCain comes to mind when I hear the word democrat. This 2 face needs to go. He can’t pick a side. What gender are you Crenshaw?? Answer this and it might help you make a decision what side you are on. I know you aren’t for Trump. I know what side you are on 2 face chickenshits

  6. The election rigging was something the Secretaries of State were behind, I tend to believe Lindell is going to prove that. The atty auditing in Michigan said if fraud is proven state legislatures could decertify the election, never going to happen.

    The GOP infighting is going to do major damage, you see many saying they want a third party now, I truly see how this will backfire and that’s what dums want. Same as a marriage in trouble for betrayal and mistrust .. does bringing in a third person guarantee a fix or does it risk further damage??? Things are too crazy right now to chance. Cheney was and still is a problem, same as romney, mctraitor and so many others. Sadly the act of hating seems to be winning in this country which puts us where we are. If we all turn our heads for whatever reason things will continue to go downhill. As Charlie Daniels said to the politicians…“ there are a whole lot more of us common folk than there ever will be of you”. Now let’s come up with a way to voice our disgust to our GOP, if we can’t or won’t we may as well shut up and sit down, when we are living like communist Cuba with dirt floors and no air conditioning, facing prison if we try to grow a garden … we can all thank ourselves for it and for the world we leave our young generation in.


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