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The Daily Caller Editorial Board published an op-ed on Thursday, blasting The Intercept for a “smear job” against conservative reporters at the Daily Caller who have been highlighting the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots.

The Daily Caller op-ed begins:

Journalist Glenn Greenwald left The Intercept in late October of 2020 – and if Thursday’s smear job on Daily Caller reporters is any indication, the publication has gone from journalism to activist garbage in just six short months.

The article, written by Robert Mackey and Travis Mannon, alleged that Daily Caller reporters Shelby Talcott, Jorge Ventura and Richie McGinniss — along with reporters from several other right-leaning outlets – had used video footage from protests and riots to catapult themselves to viral fame.

But they also alleged that our reporters had skewed their coverage in a concerted effort to demonize groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter — even suggesting that McGinniss might have withheld video evidence from law enforcement – and promote a specific political worldview.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Below is the video released by The Intercept on Thursday morning, as they mock the Daily Caller reporters, tweeting, “Meet the Riot Squad: Right-Wing Reporters Whose Viral Videos Are Used to Smear BLM.”

The Daily Caller blasted the video released by The Intercept, saying, “The Caller’s reporters put themselves in harm’s way to tell the story of what was really happening on the ground rather than falling into the trap of endorsing media narratives on either side of the ideological spectrum.”

Greenwald, one of the original founders of The Intercept who has now left the outlet, slammed the video.

“The Intercept is now actively targeting two journalists of color. They have two white male reporters here putting a target on their backs for the crime of reporting on Antifa riots. This is genuinely disgusting and dangerous. Press freedom groups should condemn this,” Greenwald wrote.

“This is what so much “journalism” is now. They believe that the real menaces are individuals who have politics or ideology different than their liberal orthodoxies. So these reporters are now like criminals to them because they report for right-wing sites, thus this targeting.”

“Journalists have been repeatedly assaulted while covering Antifa protests. Antifa threatens journalists, breaks their cameras, and attacks them violently. The Intercept knows this. They’re showing Antifa which 2 journalists they should look out for. That’s what this is for,” Greenwald warned.

Andy Ngo, editor of The Post Millennial, tweeted in response to the video, “As someone who nearly died as a result of being beaten on the head for my video coverage of riots, I cannot overstate how much more you’re endangering these reporters in your hit piece. @spj_tweets & @pressfreedom need to condemn this anti-press freedom propaganda.”

Even a reporter from The Intercept slammed the video, tweeting, “I’m a left-wing Intercept supporter, but I really question the ethics of singling out these two guys for accurately recording and publicizing an activity that actually happened. It’s not like they altered the video or anything. What am I missing?”

Luke Rudkowski slammed the video, tweeting, “You guys should be ashamed of yourself for putting this out. This is not news its disgusting hateful propaganda that your spreading that will get people hurt or killed that most likely comes from jealousy.”

“This is an attempt to get people killed because they’re reporting things you don’t like,” John Hawkins warned.

“delete your account,” Caleb Hull told The Intercept.

CLICK HERE to read the full op-ed by the Daily Caller.

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  1. More 🐂💩narrative from the left wing propaganda machine. Hopefully Blm/antifa finds your neighborhood for their next peaceful protest and by the way don’t call the cops you want to defund to save your sorry a**

  2. This is the phony stage of a second civil war, again provoked by the Democratic Party, but this time along an urban-rural, rather than a North-South, divide. The tactics and motivation remain the same — cynically exploiting identity and grievance politics for the purpose of clinging on to vanishing political power. The Left controls most of the media and has militarized, even to the point of stealing the Federal government through massive fraud, while the Right remains paralyzed by its allegiance to constitutional norms that are more often ignored or trampled upon than observed and enforced. The Right gazes out over a “Maginot Line” of traditional institutional defenses, like a free press and equal justice under the law, around which the Left has already stolen a march.

  3. Bottom line here is the thugs and corrupt media don’t want the truth displayed. Pathetic and the minion lemmings just sit back and let this bs continue

  4. Remember not too long ago when the BLM turned on the CNN reporters as they were fake reporting that the rioters were peaceful!!!! Still LMAO!!!!! That was priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of the fake news advocates got hit with a can while he had his oral cavity open!!!! I just choked on my coffee reliving that memory!!!!!😂😂😂😂


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