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The California School for the Deaf’s varsity football team is two games away from winning the division championship for the very first time in the school’s 68-year history, according to the New York Times.

Led by the school’s deaf physical education teacher, Keith Adams, who has two sons on the team, the Cubs are not only undefeated, but they’re also the highest ranked team in their Southern California division, demolishing many opponents they play.

The article goes on to state the following:

The report added it’s a far cry for the athletic program, previously humiliated and mocked by opponents for the inability to hear.

“We’re showing the world we can play!”

“We’ve got so many good players, honestly, not just players but we got great students, too,” Adams said through a sign language interpreter. “They’re great kids. You know, whatever I say they’re doing it. It makes coaching so easy for me. It’s just been amazing. It really has,”

From The Times:

No one is disparaging the Cubs anymore. This season, they are undefeated — the highest-ranked team in their Southern California division. Through 11 games, they have not so much beaten their opponents as flattened them.

On Friday night, the second round of the playoffs, the Cubs trounced the Desert Christian Knights, 84-12, a score that would have been even more lopsided had the Cubs not shown mercy by putting their second-string players in for the entire second half.

With Friday’s win, the Cubs are two games away from capturing the division championship for the first time in the school’s 68-year history. But coaches and players say they already feel like winners.


Mr. Adams said he “sometimes still can’t believe how well we played this year.”

“I knew we were good, but never in my dreams did I think we would dominate every game,” he reportedly said after the team won on Friday.

Aaron Williams, coach of Desert Christian, commented on the loss with a warning for future opponents of the California School for the Deaf, Riverside.

“I would say be careful in thinking that you have an advantage,” he said. “They communicate better than any team I have ever coached against.”

The Times reports that the Cubs communicate using “a flurry of hand movements between each play.” This unique communication means the team doesn’t need to waste time in huddles or “running to the sidelines to get an earful from the coaching staff.”

“The world looks at CSDR like, ah, they stink, their program is awful. You know? Oh, they never had a good season. Here we are. OK, that’s fired us up. And now we’re destroying every game. We’re showing the world we can play,” said wide receiver Jory Valencia through a sign language interpreter.

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  1. Thankful for this inspiring story. Great to see the team has overcome adversities and prevailed may God lead them to a well deserved Championship


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