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Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) called on her Republican colleagues on Thursday to denounce the “great replacement” theory, which sprung into the national spotlight this week after a gunman who allegedly espoused the racist conspiracy shot 13 people in Buffalo, N.Y., 11 of whom were Black.

Some former President Trump-aligned Republicans have come under fire in the wake of the shooting, which killed 10, for past comments implying that Democrats and other top figures have tried to empower minorities through immigration policy at the expense of white individuals.

The article goes on to state the following:

Pelosi — speaking at a press conference on the steps of the Capitol alongside members of the congressional Black, Asian and Hispanic caucuses — said violence must be stopped and emphasized the Democratic push for firearm background checks, before asserting that current circumstances are being “compounded by the replacement theory.”

She said, “It’s an extremely alarming and despicable idea and it must be rejected by anyone who claims to embrace our American ideals. It’s spread by social media algorithms where people find people who think the way they do, in an evil way, promoted on top television networks — yes, it is.”

Pelosi continued, “And tragically, as has been mentioned here by leading political figures. Why isn’t everyone in this Congress saying ‘I reject replacement theory?’”

Now This tweeted Thursday, “‘America, open your eyes to this hateful replacement theory that is taking lives and taking a toll on the spirit of democracy’ — Nancy Pelosi denounced the ideology behind the Buffalo shooting and called out Jan 6 as an attack that had ‘the same racist elements to it.”

Occupy Democrats wrote, “BREAKING: Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls on Republicans to denounce the racist White Replacement Theory spewed by Tucker Carlson and the Buffalo shooter, calling it an ‘extremely alarming and despicable idea’ that’s been ‘promoted on top television networks.’ RT TO THANK PELOSI!”

Pelosi tweeted the full press briefing video below:

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  1. She seems to value life only when it fits her agendas. She’s worried about 11 black lives in NY rather than the 300k lives lost by abortions and those are dominant black babies. She doesn’t seem to want to jump in to stop the hundreds of blacks killed in Chicago every year by black on black violence. Chicago is just a fraction of deaths across this nation from black on black crimes. You get one idiot out of the populus of 346m and all of a sudden its adhered to every white person. BLM and Antifa has killed more than this one guy but all we hear is crickets.

  2. Everyone needs fishing waders with boots because the 💩 is getting deep.
    DemonRats are mentally ill.


  3. So Nancy it’s not a theory,it’s fact. The demorats are pushing open boarders, pushing the right to vote for illegals, giving illegals free health care, free housing, free education, free everything. And the American citizens get shit on

  4. I call upon Pelosi and the Democrats to abandon their replacement policy, which they have openly and repeatedly declared.

  5. Pelosi means her and Democrats American ideals!!!!!!
    Did the Dems even ask what the Americans want???? The Dems don’t care!!!!!!

  6. Laughable! The Biden administration are the ones letting the illegal immigrants to come here in the US. The democrats are the ones that need to denounce the “Great Replacement Theory.”

  7. Eat a fat one. You bragged about it-like it was some kind of achievement.. Now when weak minds see the truth in it they know no political agenda- all they see is race and nation being handed to 3 world people who dont know freedom from slavery( some food stamps and a roof and they feel they are free)

  8. These people are diabolical! They make anyone who believes in the” replacement theory” sound like evil mass shooters when it isn’t a theory! It’s real and they are trying to bring in millions of immigrants to stack the deck with democrat voters. Gendron was worried about the white race being erased not the Republican Party. They twist it around to work for them. Liars Evil Liars. He never mentioned Tucker Carlson but did say he Hated Fox News. They are just afraid of Tucker because he is exposing all their treachery and lies and people are listening.

  9. “Why isn’t everyone in this Congress saying ‘I reject replacement theory?’”-Nancy Pelosi



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