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Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA) said Wednesday on CNN’s “Situation Room” that the House Select Committee on the January 6 Capitol riots will have to hear testimony from former President Donald Trump.

Guest host Jim Acosta asked, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accepted three of McCarthy’s picks for this committee. What does it tell you, and how do you respond from McCarthy pulling all of them?”

The article goes on to state the following:

Khanna said, “It’s so unfortunate Speaker Pelosi has appointed a bipartisan commission with Liz Cheney on it. She wanted this to be bipartisan to get to the facts. Look I served with Representative Jim Jordan on the Oversight Committee. If Someone tried to take him off The Oversight Committee, I would say no. He has every right to be on the Oversight Committee. But you can’t have people who have said that there wasn’t an insurrection be on a committee to investigate an insurrection. It’s not personal. It’s factual.”

Acosta then asked if former President Donald Trump should be brought in to testify?

Khanna declared that Trump must testify, claiming he is a “material witness.”


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  1. He just admitted they are going after Trump. That is all the Dems are interested in. What a laugh to say Cheney is a Republican. In name only maybe. The only reason Pelosi wanted her on the committee.

  2. You know they couldn’t get nothing on Trump during his impeachment and they used the January 6th incident against them so what are they going to do rehash it again why don’t they use the fact that some Democrats put together money to bail out the rioters of 2020 who hurt innocent people police officers damaged property personal property businesses and they are still doing it today so what are somebody put it together committee for those Democrats and prosecute them including Kamala Harris

  3. Lol bipartisan my ass. Liz chaney is as much a republican as pelosi.
    This is a joke. A totally fraudulent investigation.

  4. “But you can’t have people who have said that there wasn’t an insurrection be on a committee to investigate an insurrection. It’s not personal. It’s factual.” – Khanna

    The old double standard —The similar issues the Repubs screamed about during Pres. Trump’s investigations!
    The gist is the Dems just want Pres.Trump in the hot seat to testify. MSM wants him too for ratings.

  5. Ha, ha! THEIR bias is showing!

    Neither of them has an objective hair on their body, especially when it comes to President Trump.

  6. In 2016 when he was running for President those were RIOTS in DC that destroyed buildings . But no one was arrested. I watched January 6 and all the video I saw was not a riot. I saw capital police talking with people. This statement is as bogus as the people behind it.

  7. The head of the FBI admitted it did not fit the definition of an insurrection. They are supposed to be investigating the facts and shouldn’t have preconceived decisions prior to the investigation. This whole thing was a setup from the beginning. A total farce. Pelosi doesn’t want the real truth to come out, so she doesn’t want anyone in there that will challenge her. As for Trump, he shouldn’t have to testify he wasn’t there and we have on tape what he told them.

  8. It is a no for Trump because it was not him who started the riots because it was all the stupid Democrats who did Mr Trump do not do was all done by the Democrats and the hell with the assholes Democrats.

  9. If trump has to testify than piglosi should have to also,but have a real republican ash the questions of her

    • Excellent idea. Make nancy explain why she didn’t have extra security knowing the bp & harris were in the house and why it took hours for her to respond. They are only making themselves look worse.Everyone knows Cheney hates President Trump so she would side with the democrats

  10. What is wrong with these dems don’t they know ? The more they do and say show the more evil and hate filled they are.they really that stupid.

  11. Democrats don’t know what facts are. Just like Russia & Ukraine . They hate President Trump with a passion. After 4 years they couldn’t find anything but bogus lies made up by the democrats. They wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them in the a**. They are afraid of Jim Jordan & any republican that’s not a rino. You can’t state you’re going to impeach a President before he’s even sworn in office & have people think you will do anything bipartisan. Hopefully the house & senate will be flipped & pelosi can be investigated along with a lot of other people. Fools

  12. Their fear of Trump is plain as day. They will stop at nothing to insure he doesn’t run for any position of power again. It wouldn’t surprise me if in dark corridors they talk of assassination. There are only a few people in our government who have any integrity. The others need to be replaced.

  13. “ You can’t have people who have said that there wasn’t an insurrection be on a committee to investigate an insurrection. It’s not personal. It’s factual,” says Democratic Rep. Ro Khanna on Speaker Pelosi rejecting the appointment of two Republicans to the Jan. 6 select committee.”
    Then, why waste our money and everyone’s time having a commission? It seems like you are already in agreement in what you believe happened.

    • If you can’t have people on the committee that said there wasn’t an insurrection then you can’t have people that said there was one. Fair is fair….Unless you’re a democrat.


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