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Maine State Rep. Charlotte Warren (D) is facing backlash and calls for her resignation after posting a comment on Facebook that specifically tore into “straight white men.”

Fox 22 WFVX in Bangor reported Wednesday protesters gathered outside City Hall in Hallowell, Warren’s district, voicing outrage over what they said was a “racist” and “sexist” Facebook post that also appeared on the Maine State Senate Facebook page.

The article goes on to state the following:

“After 20 years in politics, I’ve arrived at the following conclusion,” Warren began on July 1 in the since-deleted post, as reported by the Maine Journal News:

Straight white men are too emotional to be in politics.

Consider this a call to action to all my queers and gal pals!

Dear white men who are feeling the need to complain about my comments: Check your priviledge (sic), your emotions, and be prepared for your comments to be deleted. Because, ‘Merica, free speech, and all that jazz.”




“When you straight out call out a straight white man that’s identity politics,” said protest organizer Chris Clarke. “Not only is that racist because you’re making it about a white male, but it’s also bigotry.”

“[N]obody gets to say anything about a black person, gay person, or Arab or whatever,” said Rebecca Rochelle. “I think it’s totally wrong, and she doesn’t have a place in politics.”

Clarke, along with many members of the community are calling for Warren to resign.

“You need to resign today,” he said. “We are here to be peaceful… We are here to let the community of Hallowell know that everybody’s voice matters, not just one person.”

Maine Journal News tweeted a screenshot of the post and said, “Maine State Rep Charlotte Warren (Democrat – District 84 – Hallowell / Manchester / West Gardiner says ‘straight white men are too emotional to be in politics.’ Imagine the uproar if someone said ‘gay white women are too emotional to be in politics?’

Reporter Cierra Jordan tweeted, “In response to Representative Charlotte Warren’s Facebook post, community members are taking action and coordinated a protest “Resign Charlotte Warren” at Hallowell City Hall.”

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  1. Talk about judging straight white men!! She’s (sic) or doesn’t believe
    In God. We pray for people like you in the world, doesn’t seem to be

  2. She like the character Archie Bunker is a racist bigot however in Archie Bunkers defense he didn’t know any better.

  3. All straight white males, with their families and friends, should vote this bigot out of office, because “‘Merica, free speech, and all that jazz.”


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