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John Durham’s two most recent indictments indicate that the special counsel is pursuing the notion that the Clinton campaign “ginned up bogus investigations” to manufacture the narrative that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election, a columnist who’s followed the scandal since the beginning told Fox News.

A researcher who added key allegations to the largely debunked Steele dossier was arrested last week on charges that he lied to the FBI during five interviews. In September, a former Perkins Coie partner who fed information tying Russia to Donald Trump – and has suspected ties to the Clinton campaign – was also accused of lying to a top FBI official.

The article goes on to state the following:

Both men were indicted as part of Durham’s probe and pleaded not guilty.

Eli Lake, a Bloomberg Opinion columnist, breaks down how the Democrat Party and prominent Democrats paid for and helped fuel the now-debunked dossier against Trump.

He noted that, despite the rebukes and refutations, the narrative fabricated in the dossier is still believed by some, including Steele.

“They continue to say that the allegations have not been disproven, that they stand by it,” he says in the video statement. “The idea that Trump is compromised by Russia is still believed by many, many people, both in elite media and throughout the country.”

“And so that narrative frame that was started by the Steele dossier continues to stick, even though it has now been exposed as a fraud,” Lake said.


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  1. This has been known for a long time! We know killery played (and paid) a big part in the “Russia hoax”! When is something going to be done about it? When will the Democrat perpetrators be held accountable?? When are the heads going to start rolling?? I’m sick of hearing about the Democrats filthy corruption and nothing is done! It goes nowhere! They continue get away with their fraud! Where are Republicans fighting this and exposing the criminals responsible for these lies??? The Republican Party is weak and useless against the dirty Democrats! We don’t stand a chance in the next election!


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