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An Amish man in Ohio was the subject of a low-speed police chase on May 14 when he was asleep while operating a horse and buggy.

Ashtabula Sheriff’s Deputy Mike Talbert attempted to stop the buggy at around 2:43 a.m. in Orwell, Ohio, but was unsuccessful and told other officers that the driver of the horse and buggy looked like he was asleep, according to Fox 8.

The article goes on to state the following:

Police initially responded to 911 calls from people who claimed the buggy was “all over the road.”

“There is a Bud Light can sitting in there and he’s passed clean out,” Talbert said in the video, as he explained to another officer what he’d seen.

“We got a drunk Amish guy passed out in a buggy,” he said. “He just turned eastbound on Bogue and I yelled at the guy when he rode by.”

“There is a Bud Light can sitting in the d**n buggy and I hit the side of the buggy and hollered at the guy,” he went on to explain to others. “He’s passed clean out. He’s slumped over.”

The officers eventually stopped the buggy.


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