VIDEO: DeSantis defines ‘woke’ after Trump said people ‘can’t define it’

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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) defined “woke” as a “form of Cultural Marxism” when asked to define the word in response to former President Trump’s remark that he does not like to define the word because “half the people can’t even define it.”

When asked by NBC correspondent Dasha Burns to define the term during his campaign stop in Iowa on Saturday, DeSantis responded that it is “basically a war on the truth.”

“Look, we know what woke is, it’s a form of cultural Marxism,” DeSantis said. “It’s about putting merit and achievement behind identity politics, and it’s basically a war on the truth. And as that has infected institutions, and it has corrupted institutions. So, you’ve got to be willing to fight the woke, we’ve done that in Florida, and we proudly consider ourselves the state where woke goes to die.”


The comments come after Trump said he didn’t like the term because “half the people can’t even define it.”

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