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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said that people who have been vaccinated against the CCP virus should “act immune” and pushed back against comments made by top U.S. health officials.

DeSantis, a Republican, argued that if there is no change in mask requirements or social distancing, then people will view it as useless to get the vaccine.

The article goes on to state the following:

“My view is if you get a vaccine, the vaccines are effective, you’re immune, and so, act immune,” DeSantis told a crowd in Lakeland, Florida, over the weekend.

“I advocate for (getting vaccinated) but I also can’t square if the vaccines effective, why would you need to be wearing two masks like some of these folks are doing,” DeSantis added. “It doesn’t make sense.”


Fauci doubled down on Sunday’s ‘Meet the Press’ and said vaccinated people must wear masks because they can still transmit the virus.

“What happens is that you might get infected and get absolutely no symptoms, not know you’re infected, and then inadvertently go into a situation with vulnerable people. And if you don’t have a mask, you might inadvertently infect them,” he said, adding that there was a “small risk” of such a situation occurring.

Fauci added, “When you get vaccinated you are clearly diminishing dramatically your risk of getting infected. That’s one of the things we’ve got to make sure everybody understands. You dramatically diminish it.”


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  1. QUESTION IF a person not vaxxed needs blood. They going to take a vaxxed persons blood and give it to them?? Are ppl willing to do this and accept this?? I’m not

    • Good question. I’m sure you won’t have a choice, especially if in an emergency situation. I’d like to know how we can find this out.

  2. I think the Demotards hate DeSantis because he has logical and rational thoughts. He’s completely right about the mask thing. What is the point of getting vaccinated if you still have to diaper your face? There isn’t one…it’s totally histeria and paranoia.

  3. Exactly what I’ve been telling my friends. What’s the point. They push this out on us 24/7 even on TV. If you get all the doses and you still tell me all the rules still apply then you’re telling me something that should protect me really doesn’t. If I take them then it’s means you’re telling me I can’t catch it which means I can’t give it to anyone

  4. Fascist Fauci has spoken. You vill do vhat he commands Bollocks the man has been wrong so many times.

  5. What are they hiding? No way to find out the true efficacy of the vaccine if you’re still having to take all the precautions.

  6. That reminds me of when my doctor… you know a physician ..told me when I finished my chemo and went into remission I should start living as if I was already cancer-free. Although actually you do not become cancer-free until after 5 years have passed with no reoccurrence. Why would you waste years of your life just to save it… you might not have that much time.


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