VIDEO: DeSantis takes aim at Trump over unavoidable limitation of his 2024 run

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Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said the United States needs a president who can serve two terms, a knock to former President Donald Trump, who would return to the White House as a lame-duck on Day 1.

DeSantis launched his long-anticipated campaign for president in 2024 on Wednesday, enduring months of mudslinging and ad attacks from the former president. The Florida governor said that the country is on the “wrong track,” but Trump is not the person who can significantly solve issues, as he could only serve for four years before terming out in 2028.

“Who is going to be the leader to be able to win the election … and then get in and implement the type of policies that are gonna get the country back on track?” DeSantis told Good Morning NH on Thursday.

He continued, “I don’t think you can handle all of these issues that we’re going to need to do… without two terms. I think you need to be able to serve two terms. I think that’s very important.”

State Rep. Ross Berry tweeted the interview and wrote, “.@RonDeSantis had a great interview this AM on Good Morning NH with Jack Heath! Give it a listen.”

Fox News reporter Lisa Boothe commented, “Here is where I am right now: I like Trump, personally. My biggest worry is that he can’t get everything that needs to get done in four years. He lacks discipline, which makes it more challenging. Trump would start as a lame-duck president, which makes it even harder. Winning in 2028 is much more difficult without an incumbent. He did many good things, but unfortunately, Biden was able to undo much of it. I like DeSantis, personally. I’ve gotten to know him and Casey while living in Florida. He is an incredible governor, and I moved here because he kept Florida open. DeSantis would be a very effective president, including enacting long-lasting change. I also believe he would be impactful legislatively because he’s disciplined. I like the fact he has a young family too. Can he get the presidency? I don’t know. That’s up to him, his team, and most importantly, Republican voters. At the end of all of this, I will enthusiastically support the Republican nominee. We have too much at stake.”

Host Michele Tafoya said, “Understand that Trump would be a lame duck President on day one. His leverage would be weakened by this fact. Think beyond the first level.”

Author Brigitte Gabriel remarked, “The argument that if Trump wins in 2024 he’s going to be a lame duck President is one of the most dishonest arguments I’ve ever heard. If Trump wins in 2024, in all likelihood that means Republicans will take back the Senate and maintain control in the House. Not a lame duck.”

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