VIDEO: DeSantis takes aim at Trump over unavoidable limitation of his 2024 run

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Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said the United States needs a president who can serve two terms, a knock to former President Donald Trump, who would return to the White House as a lame-duck on Day 1.

DeSantis launched his long-anticipated campaign for president in 2024 on Wednesday, enduring months of mudslinging and ad attacks from the former president. The Florida governor said that the country is on the “wrong track,” but Trump is not the person who can significantly solve issues, as he could only serve for four years before terming out in 2028.

“Who is going to be the leader to be able to win the election … and then get in and implement the type of policies that are gonna get the country back on track?” DeSantis told Good Morning NH on Thursday.

He continued, “I don’t think you can handle all of these issues that we’re going to need to do… without two terms. I think you need to be able to serve two terms. I think that’s very important.”

State Rep. Ross Berry tweeted the interview and wrote, “.@RonDeSantis had a great interview this AM on Good Morning NH with Jack Heath! Give it a listen.”

Fox News reporter Lisa Boothe commented, “Here is where I am right now: I like Trump, personally. My biggest worry is that he can’t get everything that needs to get done in four years. He lacks discipline, which makes it more challenging. Trump would start as a lame-duck president, which makes it even harder. Winning in 2028 is much more difficult without an incumbent. He did many good things, but unfortunately, Biden was able to undo much of it. I like DeSantis, personally. I’ve gotten to know him and Casey while living in Florida. He is an incredible governor, and I moved here because he kept Florida open. DeSantis would be a very effective president, including enacting long-lasting change. I also believe he would be impactful legislatively because he’s disciplined. I like the fact he has a young family too. Can he get the presidency? I don’t know. That’s up to him, his team, and most importantly, Republican voters. At the end of all of this, I will enthusiastically support the Republican nominee. We have too much at stake.”

Host Michele Tafoya said, “Understand that Trump would be a lame duck President on day one. His leverage would be weakened by this fact. Think beyond the first level.”

Author Brigitte Gabriel remarked, “The argument that if Trump wins in 2024 he’s going to be a lame duck President is one of the most dishonest arguments I’ve ever heard. If Trump wins in 2024, in all likelihood that means Republicans will take back the Senate and maintain control in the House. Not a lame duck.”

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  1. Trump 2024 I will not vote for Desantis. He,s going to divide republicans. He should stay in Florida. He doesn,t have what it takes to be pres. Trump being a lame duck is a bunch of malarky.

  2. I’m SOO F**KIN’ Pissed right now! RINO Ron does NOT have my vote, NOT in the Primaries and NOT in the General!!!
    If RINO Ron DeSanctimonious wins the Primaries I WILL NOT BE VOTING PERIOD!!!!!!!!

    • I said the same thing till I thought of Biden winning….. I will only vote for Trump in primary!!! If Ron wins… I’ll be forced to vote for him. I dont trust Ron! Charles Manson would be better than biden.

      • Lori, If Ron was a part of the establishment he wouldn’t have signed to ban the sexualizing of children, he would never stand up the Disney, he would never ban drag queens and he would never ban gender transition for minors and he would never signed a six week abortion ban, but he did all of that, you called that establishment? If that is establishment to you there’s something wrong with you.

    • Lori, If Ron was a part of the establishment he wouldn’t have signed to ban the sexualizing of children, he would never stand up to Disney, he would never ban drag queens and he would never ban gender transition for minors and he would never signed a six week abortion ban, but he did all of that, you called that establishment? If that is establishment to you there’s something wrong with you.

      • Willie…either your a troll or another ignorant never trumper…which is it?DeSantis will be dismantled by President Trump. He will be exposed and most likely damaged beyond repair. When the rinos along with Bush and Ryan establishment types support you that is all you need to know about the guy. Do your research!!!!

  3. Never underestimate President Donald J Trump!!! He can do more in one year that would take you 20 years to do.
    I have watched you in your governorship position and you haven’t done near as well in your 2 years as you think you have. Florida is going as down hill as California started out. If it wasn’t for the demons on the left and right paying you for favors (which I think that is a crime.., oh yea only if you are a Christian or a Conservative) but WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES… Speak out that we don’t want you or your elk in our government to keep this corruption going…
    IMO you holler you are a GOD FEARING MAN but your actions doesn’t reflect it. Follow the MONEY.
    WE DON’T NEED YOU DesacDEMONiousSANTIS. We Are AWAKE and tired of lies and corruption.

  4. Not surprised of Lisa’s statement. . She is employed by Fox!! THAT SAYS IT ALL!!!! Along with Laura Ingram who has lost 40% if her audience!

  5. There has never been and never will be anything lame about Trump and what he can get done. My father worked for him on many jobs and always praised Pres Trump’s work ethics. He is not perfect, none of us are. I feel desantis is breaking a promise of commitment to the Floridians that voted for him. Fl. Is NOT out of the grasp of progressives- IMO, Desantis is now splitting the Republican Party- exactly what the Socialist Democrats want. I will vote for President Trump in the primary..

    • Also, isn’t Ron Desantis the actual lame duck now? He can’t both run a Presidential campaign AND Govern Florida.. please, knock it off with this only 1 term nonsense..

  6. Trump can and will do more in (one) his last 4 year term, then Rino Ron can do in two terms (8) years, claws and fangs are out and Rons going to learn and Experience what Trump has dealt with for years. Trump will turn all Bidens issues and deal with corrupted entities within a few months he’s run the dem and RINO gauntlet! DeSantis won’t know where to start and who to deal with first, I’m sure Trump already has a plan of attack to all corrupters.
    TRUMP 2024

  7. The only reason Ron could serve 2 terms is because the Democrats “might” let him. Maybe not. If they do to him what they did to Trump, Day 1, he’s finished before he starts. No $$$ will save him. It’s been every single day, relentless attacks & while I do like what DiSantis says, I don’t like what he’s done to Trump at all! Trump has been slaughtered every single day. DeSantis should not be so cocky to think he’s the one either! We want to know Exactly why he promised 4 yrs. to Fla. as Governor & once in he was elected, he was looking for more. That is bad Politics. I’m staying with Trump. He fought for this country & was railroaded all the way.

  8. He has four years under his belt and it’s not like he’s starting from ground zero so cut the lame duck bull💩, just another f’n excuse by all the fake conservatives. Go ahead and push your bush/Ryan rookie that would be starting from scratch. I like what he does but the establishment is too eager at pushing him and that’s a red flag for me. This will definitely split the fake republicans votes and that’s exactly what the scumbag devil DEMONcrates want. Uni party come to mind? Don’t underestimate the corruption

  9. So what DeSantis is saying is, his second term he too would be a lame duck do nothing president.
    Ok got it…..

  10. With Trump in 2024 and DeSantis 2028 & 2032 we can have 3 terms and it’s going to take that long to fix what Biden has done. We need Trump badly to clean house and take care of business. Since he can’t run for a second term he’s not kissing asses but taking care of business. De Santis’s time is 2028.

  11. All of you talking bad about trump are dumb fucking idiots. Fuck Desantis and all of you talking bad about trump. Trump is the best and Desantis will not be a good president and you al bad people go to hell. Trump will win period


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