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Roger Stone has revealed emotional details of wife Nydia’s desperate cancer battle in an exclusive interview, saying: ‘We are both devastated.’

He spoke after the couple filed a legal plea for a 90-day stay in a lawsuit being brought by the Department of Justice that claims they have dodged nearly $2million in taxes.

The article goes on to state the following:

The pair say in the paperwork obtained by that they cannot concentrate on the legal fight in Florida because of Nydia’s Stage IV lymphoma, which has spread to her lungs.

‘This diagnosis had come out of nowhere,” Stone said. “We have had a tumultuous couple of years being vilified, smeared, framed, gagged, banned, de-platformed and bankrupted by a fraudulent and politically motivated witch hunt. And then a Soviet-style show trial.’

The point is that the stress is cumulative,” he continued. “And my poor wife was my rock throughout the entire thing. She is my soulmate, she is my life partner, she provides the balance in my life and tells me to chill out when I need to. We are both devastated by this.”


According to the report, the DOJ brought the civil suit against the Stones in April. The defendants announced the next month that Ms. Stone had been diagnosed with cancer and now are looking to pause proceedings in response.

Attorneys for the government said they do not oppose the request, according to Stone’s lawyers Derick Vollrath and Brian Harris. No ruling on it had been made as of early Wednesday afternoon.

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  1. For heavens sake leave this couple alone. They have been through enough already. The stress is probably the cause of her cancer.

  2. SO very sad to hear this! They have been through enough, already, what with the raid on their house at the crack of dawn and the witch hunt associated with President Trump! My prayers go out to them and here’s hoping for a miraculous recovery for her!

  3. I wish they wouldn’t have posted it to Twitter. The left will leave the most hateful responses. Funny how if he was on the left the right wouldn’t be as vile and behave like a pack of rabbid dogs. It’s the biggest reason I deactivated my Twitter and not because Trump was kicked off.

    • Even though we know that democrats have no morals it is still shocking to see the viciousness they attack anyone with who doesn’t agree with whatever their flavor of the day is. You have to wonder just exactly what their community standards are because Trump didn’t hold a candle to the liberals vitriol lobbied against conservatives on their site.


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