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A labor union set up a disturbing display of a casket and a photo depicting a dead person’s feet outside of a grade school in New Jersey to protest the district hiring a contractor for a construction project, which sparked the school’s superintendent to knock it over.

“For the safety of the children, as the Superintendent of Schools, I really had no choice but to protect them. I responded immediately to the coffin on school property and knocked it to the ground,” superintendent of Edison Township public schools, Bernard Bragen, said in a statement to Fox News.

The article goes on to state the following:

The situation unfolded on Friday, after LIUNA Laborers Local 77 had already set up an inflatable rat at the school earlier this week to protest a $9 million construction project at the school. The district was required to hire the lowest bidder for the project, Pal-Pro Builders of Bergen County, but the union said the group does not hire local workers, NJ Advance Media reported.

“I learned that LIUNA Laborers Local 77 returned to our Lincoln Elementary School, this time setting up the inflatable giant rat and in addition, a real coffin,” Bragen said in a statement. “I cannot believe that any adults, regardless of the issues at hand, would think it was appropriate to place a coffin with a graphic image of a deceased body at the entrance of an elementary school on the first full day of school after the year we all just experienced.”

Bragen said more than an hour calling police, the union, and others in an effort to have the display removed before the students arrived.

”They said, ‘tough s—,’” Bragen told NJ Advance Media.

Bragen toppled the casket and had it covered with a tarp.

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  1. You need to explain to the kids why that was placed there!
    It wasn’t a threat to the contractor!
    It was symbolizing the death of American jobs and American rights!
    Although I don’t back the unions, they are the reason things cost so much to build. Not the members per say ! It’s the Union bosses who get the fat paychecks! That is why a non union company can low ball the Fat Cats! They aren’t shook down!
    Not everything is as it seems!
    It’s complicated and it’s about control and GREED!
    Take my word for it, someone in the Union will be Jimmy Hoffaed. Keep in mind Epstein didn’t gang himself! And Jimmy Hoffa hasn’t turned up yet.

  2. Unions self serving at the head, needs cut off. Support local workers but this was a poor choice. NEVER use children as pawns or cause them harm. Physical or emotional. Inexcusable. And NO this was NOT A TEACHING MOMENT ! It was some ignorant adults knee jerk PMS reaction to an otherwise valid grevience. Should have been handled much much better. Shameful example of what NOT to do when at odds with someone.
    Hope their proud cause their false pride is all they got.


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