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This is the moment a vicious teen mob beats up a man walking his dog in a Queens park, disturbing new video shows.

The sickening attack happened at around 9:55 p.m. Friday in Juniper Valley Park in Middle Village, according to police.

The article goes on to state the following:

At least 100 teens were hanging out in the park — drinking, smoking and playing loud music when the man was attacked, according to GOP mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa, the founder of the Guardian Angels who was alerted to the incident by residents who he said are now asking his group to step up patrols there.

The group can be seen getting close to the victim and he puts up his fists while his dog barks at the group trying to protect his master.

“Give him a shot! Give him a shot! Give him a shot!” one teen implores, the terrifying video shows.

“Yo, what the f–k!” shouts a shocked onlooker as the unidentified victim falls to the ground.

“Holy shot (sic). Old guy with a dog got f–cked up,” one teen says in a snapchat.

Police told the New York Post that the victim was hit in the head with a glass bottle and that the dog was not hurt in the incident.

Sliwa claims that there were police nearby and they “did nothing.”


Sliwa tweeted Saturday, “Last night in Middle Village a mob of kids attacked a man who asked them to stop blasting fireworks. #NYPD from the 104th precinct were there but did nothing. The community reached out to #NYC Mayoral candidate #CurtisSliwa & the #GuardianAngels to find these vicious teens.”

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  1. What’s wrong with these kids…they’re tough when in a gang/crowd! They all ( everyone who was there and didn’t help this man and of course the ones who were beating on him) should be arrested.

  2. And this is why the second amendment is important. Legally carry to defend yourself from mobs like this. Lock everyone of these monsters away. This is what happens when Democrats control things. Asinine!

  3. If the man would pulled out a 9mm and defended himself the liberal media would make him a killer and the kids the victim.

  4. Bunch of chicken shts picking on older and infirm people. Needed 100 ppl to attack a person for no reason. Hope you white rage ppl are satisfied.

  5. Ok more than likely white liberals affiliated with Antifa. What you get when you legalize pot, and not let the cops do their jobs. Getting bad when you gotta call in Guardian Angels. Probably need Hell’s angels too. Great job dumb ass diblasio & cuomo. If wondering why I didn’t capitalize those names they don’t deserve it just like any other scum democrat in office

  6. Where are the parents? They were raised wrong. This country is going to hell in a handbasket. We need God back of this country, it’s good versus evil. God bless America.

  7. What did the onlookers do? Nothing? Time for the men in our society to step up and beat the shit out of these gangs. Rally around the police when they need protection. This punk crap has gone on long enough. Elected officials and judges should have the pressure put on them and the parents of these thugs should be held responsible. After all many parents are receiving government checks off them. Wake up America. It’s left up to every community to clean up their community. Make these kids afraid to get out of their house.

  8. I hope the MOTHERFOCKERS get their due justice…pieces of shit is what they are…..all these violent video games, teaching of hate in school with this race theory shit and shitty parents are the biggest parts of the problem…ad for the enforcement of the laws and police, you have to sometimes wonder why there is this DEFUND police shit going on ….get the asshole politicians out of office now who allow this shit…ie mayor and your pig Cuomo

  9. As seen on PBS … the North American Pavement Ape usually hangs in large groups, attacks without provocation and expects to perform with impunity. Their usual habitat is in democratically run communities. In many cities they not propose to put police officers on bicycles to wrest the problem. Good luck with that!

  10. Bunch of degenerates… why must we share our precious planet with this filth???!!! Absolutely disgusting… and sometimes I feel more appalled by the trash/ human that thinks it’s funny to film it happening. Lord help us.

  11. It’s past time to take our streets and country back!
    Start at the top and eradicate all politicians who support this maddness.
    Then go into the streets and profile those who look like they are trouble and hang in groups. Especially the blacks, brown, whites and gang members who think we are a racist nation! Show them what true racism is!
    Push them back into the shadows and shoot into those areas with impunity! If they can do it, so can we!
    Set up kangaroo courts, based on the same designs going on in our sate houses across this country!
    We need representation and we need it NOW!!!
    Call it whatever you want. Just make sure the message gets out, “We’ve taken all we intend on taking! We’ve turned the other cheek for the LAST time! You want an Old West type JUSTICE! An eye for an eye? A life for a life? Get ready! We are!”


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