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DML NEWS APP founder Dennis Michael Lynch made a rare Facebook LIVE appearance Saturday evening to thank President Trump for the Roe v Wade decision that rocked Democrats Friday.

In the video which drew a live crowd of more than 2,000 viewers, DML said Trump was the reason why the 5-4 SCOTUS decision was doable. “John Roberts isn’t a conservative, he was chosen by President Bush who is a liberal. Roberts is why we have Obamacare, and he voted against overturning Roe. Had Trump not kept to his word, had Trump picked more justices like Roberts, we would never see Roe overturned. But he picked the right people when it comes to Pro-Life, and now we can help protect the unborn,” claimed DML.

DML also went on to blast Biden’s economic policies and warned people of the dangerously bad economic climate that is about to hit all Americans worse than it is already. He told viewers the story of how his wife Mary filled the tank only 3/4 the way for a whopping $100. DML asked, “How are Americans supposed to survive; we didn’t have these problems with Trump. You’d think the media would hold Biden accountable for his horrible decisions, especially now that their stocks are in free fall, but they don’t. You’d think they’d thank Trump for giving their stocks and platforms the boost he did, they made a fortune off Trump, but instead they hate on him. But why? What did he ever do other than love America?”

DML also explained how the claims of racism against conservatives and Trump can be debunked by means of how the MAGA crowd champion for the right-to-life. “We are protecting the unborn, and many of them are African American babies who are aborted each year. There are 20 million black babies who have been aborted since 1973, and if we were racists we’d look to keep the abortions going,” claimed DML.

He also announced the last BOGO sale on DML CBD products for the summer season, maybe longer if things go as bad as economists are predicting. “I want to help you, but it is getting harder, so please take advantage of what I can give you now,” urged the CEO of DML CBD.  Watch below.


  1. Amen DML! Enough was enough. Trump truly kept his promises But all the Glory is to God! May God provide Grace to the United States. 🙏🏻✝️🇺🇸

  2. It is the crazy unhinged actions of not only protestors but some of our government officials and DEPARTMENTS which prompt me adding an AR15 to my weapons collection. I pick it up as soon as the transfer paperwork is done at the FFL. Do I intend to use it? I hope I never have to.

  3. Woman’s choice, Woman’s rights are human rights. NOT a states rights.
    This is not a good day overturning Roe & Wade, not for woman.

  4. You have the right to not have sec.
    You have the right to use other birth control methods.
    You do not have the right to kill another human being out via of pure selfishness.

  5. TYRA, everything u say is correct. Women’s rights ARE human rights. The only thing u miss is that the rights of the unborn are human rights as well.

    The “liberals” (democrat party) scream ‘my body my choice’ while they destroy and riot for the right to kill the unborn. Yet when it comes to the RIGHT to decline a vaccine or a mask, they stand mute while people are fired, canceled and jailed. HELL…
    they wd deny others the right to even SPEAK about it!


  6. Great video message Dennis? Except please tell the truth about the Biden Administration motives? He is not just an incompetent oaf ? Hardly? He is part of a CRIMINAL MOB WILLFULLY & DELIBERATELY trying to OVERTHROW AMERICA INTO A COMMUNIST STATE? He’s a DOMESTIC ENEMY with serial TREASON under his Belt, directed by Barack Obama from behind the curtain!!!!


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