VIDEO: Donna Brazile: Republicans ‘Targeting Law Enforcement’ for Doing their Jobs

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Democratic strategist Donna Brazile said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that Republicans were targeting law enforcement for doing their jobs for criticizing the FBI raid at former President Donald Trump’s Florida estate.

Anchor Jon Karl asked, “I mean, obviously this defund the FBI is over the top. Are you about the way the country is divided on something like this? You these impassioned supporters of Donald Trump making these about allegations about our law enforcement?”

The article goes on to state the following:

Brazile said, “What concerns me, as you well know, is the threats, the threats to law enforcement. You had defund the police, now defund the FBI. Who is condemning that? When a small minority of Democratic lawmakers and activist said defund, the police everybody was outraged. How dare you.  Well how dare you threaten the highest order in our country, the FBI. The Republicans are mainly silent.”

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank, also slammed Republicans for lighting a “bonfire under the threat of the rule of law.”

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  1. Remember when she denounced the defund the police or the excisions of multiple police officers. Do you remember when she called for the fake Steel documents to be investigated or Hillary to be charged for destroying evidence or even apologizing for supplying Hillary with the debate questions? Neither do I.

  2. Dear dumbass Donna sorta like dems defund the police and thats why all major cities are basically shitholes of crime because of your peoples policies . You lady are a disease and so are all dem policies ,they help no one except yourselves to line your pockets . As for the doj and fbi they are not police they are not back the blue they have been turned into democrats secret police and need to be torn down and rebuilt as a nonpartisan group and the doj under whiny garland are politically inept like dem policies and it needs to go also we can’t trust the government under democrats control your party needs disbanding and all of you need to be put on trial for treason and if found guilty hung in a open forum to let the next generation know not to tread on families .

  3. I’m wondering after not being in the news for how long? That Donna Brazile feels the the need to make a public comment about this 🤔.
    Which in turn makes me think Clinton and Obama are still behind a lot of the going’s on in government!! 🤷‍♀️

  4. This piece of garbage needs to crawl back under her rock!!! She thinks we’ve forgotten I guess what a liar she was last go around so she can resurface now! Sorry but we remember and your just as bad as ever!!!

  5. She is just as corrupt as the rest of them. I don’t think anyone cares what she thinks anyway. It surprises me that she even has a job!!

  6. Sure until it comes to your culture, hypocrite po💩. Culture of dummies. Defund the police has become your motto…..when it’s convenient!

  7. From now til the election you’ll hear about this .day in and day out.24/7. Hopefully these people don’t listen.look what they did when biden ran.that idiot promised everything and once they all voted for his dumb ass they are all crying .they all thought change was coming for the didn’t work out that way.i blame everyone that voted for biden.they believe! Remember that saying
    Lol idiots ….. ill take a mean tweet anyday.

  8. You know there are people out there who go right along with her. They actually believe she knows what she is talking about. First they have no idea what you are talking about when you mention her giving questions to Clinton. Secondly they don’t associate defund the people with the democrats. That is if they don’t go right along with the idea . sad but true.

  9. Corrrupt cops aren’t “law enforcement”. Dirty officers or organizations are law breakers not law enforcers. Dirty cops should always be called out for their actions and held accountable whether it’s one person or the entire agency.

  10. Boy, it’s really sad and desperate when they try to tie the FBI to the defund police movement in order to get cool points and to try to distance the dems from the defund the police movement and their support of it.
    The FBI are totally separate from police officers. No matter what the dems do, they will never be able to convince this country that Republicans started this movement or support it. This is all on the dems. Just like the raid is. It came out that the same person who helped the FBI with this is also the same one who told the DOJ that there was no need for them or the FBI to be involved in the whole Clinton email scandal. Even after 33,000 emails were deleted and bleach pitted, several phones as well as Blackberrys had their sims cards missing and destroyed.
    He is the former director of the NARA. Starting to put the pieces together? I’m starting to smell the distinct smell of BS. The dems see that come Nov. there’s a real chance that they’re going to lose both the house and the senate and they’re panicking. That’s why this happened and I just read someone in killiary’s crew is suggesting that Trump is feeding info to Putin. Sound familiar? Same shit, Different year.
    Hang on people, it’s about to get real bumpy……

  11. You phony lying hypocrite, you and your party at done .the American people have had it with this phony outrageous woke freak show called the democrat party. None of you phonies have ever done anything productive for the country, just enriched yourselves and family members. Bye bye. Trump 2024

  12. Donna Brazile should keep her mouth shut. We did not forget how she gave Hillary the questions before hand. We have not forgotten. She knows how to cheat. These DemonRats are totally out of control. No fair justice. They are ruining the USA. They are way beyond deplorable.

  13. DML:
    It’s bad enough that Pam Key at Breitbart routinely SLAUGHTERS any transcript she’s assigned, but do you have to quote her mangled sentences? UGH!


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