VIDEO: Elementary school teacher claims ‘the goal’ is to confuse students about gender

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A January video of a Minnesota elementary school music teacher boasting about confusing students about gender is getting fresh scrutiny on social media after a story published online this week named the teacher in question.

Inside the Classroom shared a video on Twitter that had originally been posted on another platform by a music teacher from the St. Paul area. The teacher describes a conversation that she had with a co-worker, where students had allegedly asked “the other teacher” whether the music teacher was a boy or girl.

The co-worker responded to the students asking, “Does it matter?” The students replied stating, “No. I just can’t figure it out. It’s just so hard. I can’t figure it out.” The music teacher smiles and laughs as she describes the students remarks and says, “I was just like, that’s the goal. That’s the goal.”

One Twitter user wrote: “This teacher from Valentine Hills Elementary in Mounds View, MN better not be teaching anymore.”

Another wrote: “Her goal should be teaching and inspiring students about music. Instead, she says her goal is to confuse as many kids as possible about her sexuality.”

A third user also wrote: “That’s the goal. It’s not to educate. It’s chaos and confusion.” 

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  1. Fire this nutcase immediately!! It’s time to gut the public education system and cameras in EVERY classroom. Also monthly surprise public audits to see what is happening at any given time. United States children are scoring way down in all academics. Reading math science! All Down in the 20 best countries in the world. We should be 1st! We are falling behind the world but spend the most per student. How long are we gonna let the marxists destroy our nation before we do something about it!

  2. This person shouldn’t be allowed near any child. Hateful ignorant perverts is all they are. She needs to FIRED IMMEDIATELY!!!

  3. You can call me prejudiced by if my kids teacher looked like that I’d be moving to a different school. If I could afford it my grandchild would be in private school.

  4. Her picture alone paints the picture of this nasty dirty scumbag. How and why are these dirty disgusting roaches 🪳infesting the school system. Have the corrupt school systems become this desperate? F’n scumbag devil DEMONcrate perverts.


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