VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren, Marjorie Taylor Greene share similar message on alleged Trump arrest

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Democrat Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said there’s “no reason to protest” following former President Donald Trump’s claim he will likely be arrested this week for alleged hush money payments, appearing to echo Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s similar comment to not protest.

Warren joined ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday and told host Jonathan Karl that she always worried about violence stemming from protests but said there’s no reason for Trump supporters to protest his potential arrest this week stemming from a years-long investigation surrounding Trump’s alleged hush-money payments involving porn star Stormy Daniels.

Taylor Greene made a similar remark to Warren’s about not protesting over the matter, calling on Trump supporters to not take to the streets and arguing that “these idiots are sealing their own fate” in 2024 over the potential arrest.

“Violence is never the right answer, and I always worry about it. But this is another case of Donald Trump just trying to advance the interests of Donald Trump, not of the rest of the nation,” Warren said Sunday. “There’s no reason to protest this. This is the law operating as it should without fear or favor for anyone.”


Taylor Greene shared her thoughts on Twitter Saturday, tweeting, “We don’t need to protest about the Communists Democrat’s planning to arrest Pres Trump and the political weaponization of our government and election interference.”

“These idiots are sealing their own fate in 2024 because the silent majority has two feelings right now about the current regime. Fear and anger. That is the most powerful combination when election time comes. And the Democrats are driving that force with their own corrupt actions.”

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