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Boris Johnson was today berated by a tearful Ukrainian journalist over the West’s failure to protect them from ‘barbaric’ Vladimir Putin.

The PM was accused of being ‘afraid’ to defend people as he took a press conference on a visit to Poland.

The article goes on to state the following:

Daria Kaleniuk said women and children were ‘taking the hit’ because NATO would not enforce a no-fly zone.

“You are not coming to Kyiv PM… because you are afraid,” Kaleniuk cried in desperation.


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  1. ….if NATO intervenes in this war in any “direct” way; all bets are off….
    the only way to enforce a No Fly Zone, is with NATO fighters patrolling the perimeter of an airspace well outside NATO boarders. As difficult as this invasion truly is; now is not the time to let raw emotion, take the place of a solid, strategic, method of de-escalating this invasion. The big fear is that we don’t have the wisdom, or the leadership in DC to facilitate anything more complex than opening a pudding cup.


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