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The Department of Energy (DOE) announced Thursday that it would begin hiring 1,000 employees for its so-called Clean Energy Corps which will be tasked with fighting climate change.

The new climate unit will be composed of both current DOE employees and the 1,000 recruits, according to the announcement. The Clean Energy Corps was created by the recently-passed bipartisan infrastructure bill, which appropriated $62 billion to the DOE for accelerating the nation’s transition to renewables.

The article goes on to state the following:

“This is an open call for all Americans who are passionate about taking a proactive role in tackling the climate crisis and want to join the team that is best positioned to lead this transformative work,” Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said in a message to applicants.

She said, “Solving the world’s greatest challenge will require the inclusion of all voices, perspectives and experiences – and we need people like you to ensure that DOE fulfills on our commitment to accelerate the clean energy transition to reduce emissions and save our planet.”

The article states that this is the largest staff expansion the DOE has had in almost 50 years. The DOE is looking for people to fill roles in project management, engineering, legal, communications, human resources and public policy roles.

The announcement said, “The Department will assemble the Clean Energy Corps to mirror the diversity within America and ensure the inclusion of workers who have lived in communities impacted by climate change.”

Granholm tweeted Thursday, “BREAKING: We’re kicking off the largest @ENERGY staff expansion in more than 4 decades to support the implementation of @POTUS’ infrastructure law. That means JOBS, economic growth, and a net-zero future.”

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  1. The biggest threat to the globe?? BS!! How about stamping out covid and Biden’s build back broke plan??!! And how about inflation? I can think of at least ten issues that take precedence over this nonsense!! LGBFJB!!

  2. Just more liberal big government !!! Another way to control the narrative and billions of dollars going to a partisan department!! How much just like planned parenthood will be funneled back into DNC ??

  3. Oh Please! Just look at California, now they are going to start taxing the people that use solar $8 a KM or something like that. So their energy bill will go up $80 a month roughly. First they said it will be so much cheaper, that might be true to a certain extent, however they will make everyone pay through the nose in the Future with higher taxes. 62 Billion in taxpayer money for this farce. These people are morons of the highest level.

  4. Probably getting rid of lawn mowers. What a joke. Actually our country has been clean since 1977 until DUMOCRAPS keep trashing the cities, open borders immigrants are killing our land , trash everywhere. Look at California, bunch of train thieves are stealing our packages were open and dump trashes everywhere. What climate change???!!!! You DUMOCRAPS!! DRAIN the SWAMP!!!!

  5. Just look at China, Russia and India. Their doing nothing about cleaning up the climate. I thing this government forgot that the biggest polluters are these 3 country’s. Straight out propaganda again period!

  6. Open the pipe line continue drilling for gas. If you want to go clean go nuclear. Solar and wind aren’t reliable

  7. How do they intend to fight a non-existent problem? Climate change is a boogie man created to scare children and stupid people. Sounds like an easy gig. Sign up and they hand you a shovel to lean on.

  8. More incompetent spreading! To bad no one with a basic understanding of budgeting or just economics 101 had the authority to red line every single non essential dollar spent bet we could actually see some dents put in the debt. We hand money to agencies hand over fist, allow grants for things that don’t matter, we don’t need to know if earthworms like cheesecake, or why college kids drink, or how to make the perfect soap bubble! They spend money on things they don’t need just so they can ask for more money the next year. If the average American family spent money the way our government does we’d have entire cities on welfare! When my kids were teenagers they had a better understanding of the value of a dollar!

  9. Total joke. We have clean up so much pollution that earths Sun heat is getting through to heat the planet. Earth is on a natural heating and cooling cycle and is turning to the cool direction. This may take another 25 to 50 years for it to be noticeable seen. Then we will say global cooling will starve the planet. You can stay ahead of the Demorat lies.


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