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Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said on Sunday that she hopes gas prices will not reach $4 per gallon soon, adding that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is “controlling the agenda.”

“According to AAA, the national average of gas prices is now $3.42 a gallon. Bank of America is predicting crude oil prices could soar another 50 percent by next June. Could the average gas price in America be $4 a gallon in the United States soon?” “State of the Union” co-anchor Dana Bash asked Granholm on CNN.

The article goes on to state the following:

“Well, we certainly hope not,” the Energy secretary answered, saying President Biden “is all over this.”

“Of course, every president is frustrated because they can’t control the price of gasoline because it’s a global market,” Granholm said. “You can call upon increased supply, which he has done and OPEC is unfortunately controlling the agenda with respect to oil prices. OPEC is a cartel, and it controls over 50 percent of the supply of gasoline.”


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  1. I love how CNN doesn’t ask this energy Secretary about the US being energy independent a year ago. She should ask her about the pipeline they shut down. CNN is awful! Yes let’s just hid the truth.

  2. Bunch of useless liars. When this administration reduced our production of oil (stopped fracking), yes we depend on Opec!

  3. Control the price of gasoline? We HAD FULL CONTROL under the Trump administration!!!!!
    P. S. Gas is already $5/gallon in California!! Gotta pay for all the illegals!!

  4. Lying cheating scum. Build the pipelines!!!!!! Allow drilling in america again. We just need another 15 or 20 years and batteries will be close enough to move on! Fck all liberal scum.

  5. We have an Energy Secretary that prefers hope to action. This whole administration is a box of melted crayons.

    Kind of tough to believe that 80 million people chose the destruction of our country over brutally honest tweets.

  6. In CA it’s already well over $4.00 a gallon for regular unleaded. Gruesome Newsom is a nightmare Governor. I know in my heart of hearts the recall was rigged by his Aunt Pelosi, she came on tv a couple weeks prior to the vote and stated she was working on an operation to keep him in office. I know registered Republicans who went to their polls and were told they already voted, and could do nothing about it, I have to wonder how many Republicans were told that all over CA. I just can’t believe what the left is doing to destroy America, and WHY they can’t be stopped…going against the Constitution is treason, why aren’t they being arrested?! They are sitting in their ivory towers giving Americans a big, fat middle finger, and getting away with it!!

  7. What the administration and media aren’t taking into consideration is the fact they can’t stop free speech among every day people and the movement will out grow their lies. The majority knows they are corrupt to the core.

  8. When president Magoo ended the keystone pipeline, all he’ll broke loose on prices of gas. Yeah, he’s all over it for sure. Destroying the middle class inch by inch.

  9. I hope many states go RED and the Democrats lose BIG TIME. They are a DISGRACE!!!!! Midterm elections can’t come soon enough and the American people will be heard. We are so fed up with all the lying, stealing, cheating and the destruction of our country because of their failed policies and greed. May God restore our country to it beauty and punish all evil.

  10. In Northern California the gas prices are nearing $ 5.00 a gallon for regular and over $ 5.00 dollars for super.
    Biden is the root cause of this mess as the incompetent leader of our nation.
    It’s an easy fix! Let our nation become self sufficient with energy and the supply chain. Let free enterprise build back America, not the tax payers.
    We can work on the environmental issues all at the same time. Clean water, clean air and cleaner energy.
    If we don’t take care of ourselves and make it a priority, China will!


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