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CNN host Dana Bash grilled Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California Sunday about the Jan. 6 Select Committee’s refusal to hand over evidence to the Justice Department.

“So many people watching your committee hearings are asking, what is going to come of this?” Bash asked Schiff on “State of the Union.” “Is the Justice Department going to file criminal charges? First question is, why haven’t you given everything over to the Justice Department that they are asking for and they say they need in order to potentially do that?”

The article goes on to state the following:

“I don’t think Congress has ever done that, and I have been participating now in several investigations where there have been parallel investigations done by the Justice Department,” Schiff said. “Congress never says, ‘Hey, Justice Department, other branch of government, just come and go through our files.’ We also don’t say, ‘Hey, we want to go over and just rifle through your files.’”

Bash posed the question to Schiff, “Have you seen evidence that the Justice Department has already opened an investigation into the former president?”

He responded, “I have not seen, for example, grand juries convene in places where I would think they would be convened if they were looking at some of the conduct, for example, that Judge Carter in California wrote he believed that Donald Trump was engaged in multiple acts that violate the criminal laws.”


Journalist Benny Johnson tweeted Monday, “Trump goes on EPIC rant against Adam Schiff over deranged Trump conspiracy theories.”

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  1. Leave it to Shifty Schiff!! Can spew more lies and fake concocted BS with a straight face better than anyone else!! Biggest POS!!

  2. This dude should be run of out town on a rail! He is nothing but a pot stirrer, lies continuously, and is undermining the very reason he is elected to serve! He is pathetic and doesn’t deserve to be paid by taxpayers to destroy our country further. He is a wicked man indeed.

  3. He’s a professional liar, instigator, POS!! Look at the nose that SOB has just like Pinocchio the more he lies the more it grows!!

  4. Adam Schiff is a professional liar & instigator. He needs to be put in his place & perhaps a potential lawsuit from Trump might he the slap in the face that might put him in his place! Puke & vomit! Who can believe anything he says.

  5. Says Shifty Schiff who broke ethics rules when allowing Colbert staff members into the Capital without proper authority/passes and when the Capital was closed to the public! Where’s his punishment!


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