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The father of the nine-year-old boy who remains hospitalized after the reported crowd surge at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival is speaking out about his condition.

Treston Blount attended Astroworld with his son, Ezra Blount, who is a big fan of the rapper and Fortnite. The father, speaking to ABC13 in Houston on Friday, confirmed Ezra is currently on life support.

The article goes on to state the following:

Describing the moments that led to the surge, Treston said his son was “stoked” and “ready to go” see Scott, 30.

In the interview with ABC13 in Houston, Treston explained that since he knew it could “get a little wild” at the front of the concert, he had kept his son near the back of the crowd.

Treston had his son on his shoulders when the concert began, and said, “Everything was cool for a split second.” Then, the crush began.

“I’m yelling out, ‘I can’t breathe.’ There’s other people around me saying ‘I can’t breathe.’ It was definitely a moment where I didn’t know what else to do.”

The father collapsed and his son fell to the ground and was trampled. When Treston regained consciousness, he rushed to a medic tent and filed a police report. He was then given a photo of his son, and the father could see Ezra was hurt.

The 9-year-old is still in the hospital on life support, with brain swelling and damage to his organs.  His family has filed a lawsuit against Scott and the festival organizers for “grossly negligent conduct.”

“I’m not ready to lose my boy at all. We still got a bunch of living to do,” the anguished father said.

Below is another interview with Ezra’s father:

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  1. I pray your son heals completely. I hope you go after concerts and artists like this and sue them . Much info is going around about what was going on. Adults let alone children do not need to be at a function like these. I hope they are banned. 🙏❤️✝️💕

  2. I do sincerely hope this baby has a full recovery. But excuse me, this father is to blame as well
    A nine year old at a concert? Seriously? Gee, nothing could go wrong with that idea! No nine year old should be at ANY concert, let alone one that has violence in its message. This man was more interested in giving his son what he wanted, instead of what was safe and in his best interest. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be a mistake they have to pay for for the rest of their lives

  3. This is a tragic story and one that is hopefully never repeated. At 9 yrs old, the only concert for a child should be with the church choir or a recital of some form. To many adults want to be their children’s “best friend” or “Pals”. Prayers for the little boy, the father, their family and every other person hurt or worse in that incident.

  4. Prayers 🙏 for this young child to recover, and to the families of the others who perished, and to the injured.

    After watching the people storm the VIP entrance, of all places, it was doomed from the get go, I found that to be very chaotic and disturbing, mostly young people doing it, never saw anything like it. I’ve been to a zillion concerts in my life. What happened at VIP, people pushing and running in, likely happened at the start of the concert. Total disregard. They were trampling people upon entering the venue.

    I was trampled at a concert when I was 16, because of a fight 50 yards ahead, was sitting on an ice chest (days when you could bring one to an outdoor concert) and was knocked over and was trampled by the crowd moving back to get away, like an accordion effect, had my head stepped on, people just falling all over the place. There was plenty room until the fight broke out during the concert. But it wasn’t anything like this concert. My experience changed me forever. Fear of it happening again I always stayed way to the side, in the back or in a seat if in an auditorium. A bit of PTSD to last a lifetime as I’m sure people who attended this will be like me, also rethinking 40 years from now what happened then, and it undoubtedly will change what they do and where they’ll stand in the future. Or at least the ones with any common sense.

  5. There’s no excuse for a 9 yr old to be listening to Travis Scott! He definitely should never have been there! My prayers to his family! This sweet child should never have been put in harm’s way 😢


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