VIDEO: Fauci makes ANOTHER admission about ‘botched’ parts of government’s COVID response

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who is retiring later this year, admitted “certain aspects” of the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic were “botched,” including the flip-flop on masking recommendations and the slow rollout of rapid testing nationwide.

“They did not get the commercial involvement in the tests quickly. They stuck to their own tests,” Fauci said in an interview that aired Thursday at the Texas Tribune Festival. “We didn’t know masks worked outside of the hospital setting.

“There was supposedly a shortage of good masks for the people who were taking care of individuals.”

The article states that most public health officials have reversed course on many of the COVID policies that were once enacted but Fauci still agrees that closing schools around the country was the best idea.

He said, “There is a misunderstanding that because children do not get as severe disease as a cohort, in general, as the elderly individuals and those with underlying conditions — we still lost 1,400 children. So, although you have to be aware and not deny that there are deleterious consequences for prolonged periods of time for keeping children out of school, remember, the safety of children is also important.”

Fauci expressed how he is now the GOP’s “boogeyman” but also said he would be willing to participate in future investigations if they arise.

He said, “I did not like the idea that, in order to maintain my personal and scientific integrity, and in order to fulfill my obligation to the country, as a public health official and as a scientist, I had to publicly disagree with several of the things that [former President Donald Trump], who they follow to the last word, was saying.”

Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith asked Fauci during the interview why more people have died from COVID under Biden than Trump.

Fauci responded, “If the country doesn’t want to get vaccinated, the country doesn’t want to wear a mask in an indoor setting, there’s not much the president can do about that.”

Texas Tribune tweeted Thursday, “At #TribFest22, Dr. Anthony Fauci says he did not enjoy publicly disagreeing with President Donald Trump in 2020. ‘It really, in my mind, was very uncomfortable,’ Fauci says. ‘That immediately made me public enemy number one to the far right.'”

“Did we learn enough to be better prepared for the next pandemic? Fauci: ‘I hope so.'”

“Why were we not better prepared for COVID-19? Dr. Fauci: ‘To have such political divisiveness in the country is antithetical to a good public health response.'”

WATCH the full interview below:

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  1. It’s sad that he’s going to get away with perpetrating the biggest scam ever in the history of the world. No matter what the Republicans say they are not going to do shit. Too much money involved.

  2. What a POS. I pray he goes down. I pray he serves the rest of his life in prison. I pray he burns in HELL for pushing his poison in innocent people.
    He is just one of many tentacles of Satan.


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