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President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci blames sports and extracurricular activities for an uptick in coronavirus cases throughout the country’s schools.

“We’re finding out that it’s the team sports where kids are getting together, obviously many without masks, that are driving it, rather than in-the-classroom spread,” Fauci told ABC’s George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America on Tuesday. “When you go back and take a look and try and track where these clusters of cases are coming from in the school, it’s just that.”

The article goes on to state the following:

On Monday, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky shared Fauci’s concern. The CDC boss, who cited guidance from her organization, told reporters that youth sports and other after-school activities “should be limited.”


Fauci has yet to comment on the dangers of migrants crossing the border as well as the detention facilities which are currently extremely overcrowded.

“Why does Dr. Fauci badmouth Texas for opening our economy while staying SILENT on the super-spreader CRISIS at our border?” Texas congressman Ronny Jackson tweeted. “If anyone thinks a restaurant at 100% capacity is a bigger problem than our border facilities at 2,500% capacity, then their motives are POLITICAL. Ignore!”

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    • He needs to be fired! He doesn’t know how to even control his lying mouth. Is anyone aware that in 2015 Obama, Fauci, Bill Gates wife were at the Wuhan wharehouse. Obama funded the bet project with 3.1 Billion dollars of our tax money. Kind of makes you wonder.

  1. Fausi is just trying to cover his but what is spreading now is the new strain alot of the people hre in the states are vaccinated so why is it still spreading isn’t the purpose of the vaccine is so it doesn’t spread . fausi look at the illegals coming in droves the are bring the viruses in stop blaming people that are vaccinated .fausi stop your lying to the American people .

  2. Yep , He is a typical democrat. NO friggin ACCOUNTABILITY or RESPONSIBILITY whatsoever. Blames anything or anyone other than himself and always has an excuse. ENOUGH SAID !!!!

  3. It’s a good thing the open borders have NOTHING to do with it. Get ready for more lock downs again

  4. Thank goodness the illegals coming in everyday and roaming around the country with their $1,100.00 travel check isn’t spreading covid. Just our kids playing sports. He is so deceiving you can’t believe a thing he says.

  5. This guy is a fucking quack! He flip flops on everything he says, I’m tired of hearing and seeing him! Isn’t there another lab in another country he can go and play in ? I’m sure Bill Gates has something for this idiot to do .

  6. Really? What about all the thousands of illegals “migrants” aka “criminals” at the border? What about all the riots in Portland?

  7. Like I asked our FL Health Department – in our county – how many children have died of Covid in our county? She said there are many, many sick children in the hospital. At which time, I told her she was a liar because IF that were the case, it’d be ALL over our local news! They’re all liars! They’ve made a mountain out of a molehill!! My kids have been exposed so many times and haven’t t gotten it. All of their friends that have gotten it, have very mild symptoms and some don’t even know they have it. What a farce, Dr. Fakey! What a farce!

  8. Private schools have been doing team sports and in classrooms learning since September. That said this problem should have shown up long ago. Dr. Faici is just making up any reasons he can to keep his narrative going

  9. Please please please stop this idiot. Every time we start to get past his fear , h this jackass changes his mind. They’re trying to keep up separated and under their control

  10. Fauci has become a Liberal political hack and lost any scientific credentials he may have had. The Liberals have shut down the economies of blue cities and states over the Covid hysteria and now Fauci in similar fashion wants to deprive students of extracurricular activities when he failed to shut down the schools. What’s more, increased spread among the young only hastens the herd immunity which is better than vaccinations. And widespread herd immunity is the only thing that will eliminate this virus and the pandemic. Of course Fauci doesn’t want the pandemic to end for then he’ll be rendered useless and his position eliminated. At which point America will exclaim in unison, “Good riddance to Covid and Fauci!”

  11. Fauci (dr Evil) is a corporate doctor that only cares about his investments – money money money!
    When was the last time he examined or treated any patients?


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