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Five Minnesotans found themselves on a road trip together as strangers after JetBlue canceled their flight home from New York.

Cheryl Pendleton, Megan Farrand and her 12-year-old son Cayden, Grace Emma, and Shannon Croston were all at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City when their flight to Minneapolis was canceled. Another flight wouldn’t reportedly be due on the route for a few days. Even though they all hailed from different parts of the state, the strangers decided to rent a car together and make their way home that way instead.

The article goes on to state the following:

While they all received a $150 voucher as consolation, the compensation was a far cry from the price of nearby hotels or replacement flights. It cost them $500 to rent the car, and, including gas, the road trip cost them about $1,000 or $200 per person. It took them 18 hours to get to Minnesota when their original flight was meant to take just over three hours.

Croston told KARE 11, “It’s nice to know there are still actually good people out there, for sure, but I don’t condone anyone getting in a car with a bunch of strangers on the daily, you know?”

Pendleton said, “I’m hoping I can have everlasting friendships with these girls, and hopefully we can meet up some time outside of this whole thing.”

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  1. Again the media can’t be honest. There were 5 people, each who got $150 which is $750 so they traveled to Minnesota for $50 a person. Not bad, plus 4 new friends.


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