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FIRST ON FOX: Authorities have identified “key players” in the break-in of an $8 million Florida mansion – where a group of more than 200 rowdy teens threw an unsanctioned house party on Friday.

“We tracked down the key players in our investigation and will be interviewing them today,” Walton County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Corey Dobridnia told Fox News Digital.

The article goes on to state the following:

“We’re narrowing down today who were the ringleaders and who could be facing charges,” she added.

The perpetrators advertised the house party on social media five days before the break-in.

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  1. I’m glad they’re finding out who they are, I hope the police give them some pretty stiff charges. They need to learn how to have respect for peoples property !

    • Exactly, but unfortunately, this is the left’s America, teaching kids that everything is owed to them. It is a shame!

  2. Make an example of these people. This is unacceptable behavior. That having been said, if you have an 8 million dollar home, hire a security company or a reliable house sitter to prevent this type of thing from happening.

    • Come on, they really wanted all their personal property damaged and violated? For insurance money?
      Something stinks all right but it’s not this story…

  3. Not only did they dance and have boxing rounds, they stole many thousands of dollars of stuff and destroyed a bunch more including things that belonged to the owners’ kid. I would love to see them made to pay dearly, to really regret their stupidity. Unfortunately we seem to be more worried about making punishments kind and tolerable and convenient.

  4. Lol…Don’t ALL you people posting by now know that NOTHING is going to happen to these kid ringleaders ! Please !…Stop saying
    “Ooo I hope they go to jail”
    “Ooo I hope they are brought up on charges”
    “Ooo I hope they get arrested”
    Stop kidding yourself people…The wife lost a Prada handbag…lol.
    Murderers are out in minutes. This woke administration encourages all this.


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