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A Florida elementary school principal is under investigation for whacking a 6-year-old girl with a paddle in a shocking incident that was captured on video by the student’s mom, according to a local report.

Melissa Carter, head of Central Elementary School in Clewiston, was filmed bending the child over and hitting her several times with the wooden paddle, local outlet WINK-TV reported.

The article goes on to state the following:

“The hatred with which she hit my daughter, I mean it was a hatred that, really I’ve never hit my daughter like she hit her,” the girl’s mom told the TV station in Spanish. “I had never hit her.”

CBS reporter David Begnaud shared the video on Twitter, and wrote, “A 6yo child in FL. was beaten by her school principal, in front of her mother, for damage she allegedly caused to a computer. This video is graphic. It’s infuriating, outrageous & shocking & the principal is now under criminal investigation.”

Begnaud further tweets:

Regarding the mother, @winknews reports: “According to the police report, the woman mentioned paddling with her and a deputy present, but she said she didn’t understand the process correctly due to a language barrier…”

“… The woman went to the school to pay the fee, but she was taken to the principal’s office instead where she found her daughter, Carter and Self, but no deputy.

“My daughter was already in the office,” the woman said. “The principal started to scream…”

“… The woman looked around and started to get nervous. “There are no cameras,” she said. “What are we doing in this place? My daughter and I, alone.” So she did what she thought was her only option and hid her phone in her purse and set it to record…”

“…”Nobody would have believed me,” the mother said. “I sacrificed my daughter, so all parents can realize what’s happening in this school.”

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  1. This was common in schools in Florida in the ‘70’s. I had two principals that whacked too hard and too long and I was made to watch, I grabbed the paddle from both of these men. I almost got fired. Teachers were allowed to spank as well as long as it was witnessed by another teacher. We had no discipline l problems back them, but parents also supported this. It was after this period that we, including parents were not allowed to use corporal punishment. It was then the students would threaten to call CDC, at age 5 and 6.

  2. When I went to school they paddled. Not me my dad said u paddle I paddle u. My son goes to school they paddled him. My husband went to school u paddle ever again. I paddle u. Take control parents don’t let them abuse our children

  3. She watched her child being paddled? Oh hell NO! I’m a grandmother of 3 boys. You attempt to hit any of them, you’d be stopped by this bear!!! That vicious woman should be fired and jailed. My heart breaks for the child.

  4. There must be more to this incident. What did the child actually do to the computer that costs $50.00??? If there was a language barrier then they should’ve had an interpreter in the classroom. Paddling this child is not the way to handle this situation and yes it should be investigated.

  5. The principal was doing the paddling who was the other woman, was that the mom? Nope nope nope!! I would have had that paddle up that woman’s ass, if she struck my child. If my child damaged something, I’ll pay for it and I will discipline my child. You don’t touch my kids. Not unless you would like to have my size 10 boot up your ass.
    She should get fired and never be allowed to work around children again. And she needs to be prosecuted and go to jail.
    What kind of damage did the girl do to the computer? Was it intentional? Regardless, that can be fixed or replaced.
    Kids DO need to be disciplined. But the punishment needs to fit the crime. A 6 year old? Our kids have been through enough this past year. Cut them a little slack.

  6. Oh hell people. It wasn’t that bad. We used to get paddled all the time and we did what we were told. Kids must have limits or they will be wild. As long as another person is watching and making sure the paddling doesn’t get out of hand. Grow up and make these kids obey.

  7. Before all of you get your panties up in a bunch, let the facts come out. a couple of whacks on the butt is not going to hurt anybody. Without any discipline or structure kids can turn out to be horror acts like the liberal monsters you see in politics and burning our cities. I think this principle save this kid from becoming a purple-haired, lip studded, black shirt antifa libtard.

    • Absolutely kids needs discipline these days. What I saw, the principal didn’t hurt this child. 3 whacks and the child didn’t seem to be hurting. I blame the parents, because in these day the attitude is don’t touch my child. They don’t get disciplined at home so they go to school and the teachers have this to put up with. No no…. she needed what she got someone just don’t want to be a parent when they say they never touch their child. There, you have your answer and the problem. I smell a law suit already. Just get your life in order and go to work and be a parent. When kids are in someone else’s hands, you better believe those people has the right to correct them, and when the child doesn’t obey, then you know that it comes from home. Then they are in prison later in life.

    • I agree, children’s brains are connected to their behinds. I believe that is the problem with the young today. Consequences to every miss deed. I spanked my children, and they brought home that CFS phone number. I told them if they used that number then they better like what they are wearing because that is what they are leaving with and they won’t be coming back. They threw the number away, because I told them that I wasn’t changing. I didn’t beat them, but you do something wrong, you were punished. Sometimes is was spanking, depended on the infraction.

  8. This Hag wld NOT return home if she ever hit any child in front of me.
    Teachers have NO right to spank or harm children in anyway.
    Imagine this being a White teacher slamming that same child.
    This is horrid in every way.
    Teachers, keep your damn hands & boards off all children!😡

  9. Don’t understand why she would just sit there and film while her child was being hit with a wooden paddle. So what she doesn’t understand what she was saying, the b was hitting your child with a damn wooden paddle. She should have grabbed her child’s hand and walked out and the mother should came back later to show her how the paddle feels.

  10. A good paddling never hurt any child — and it sure isn’t abusive WTF wrong with you people — if its abusive I’m the 1st to stand and say it — that’s not abusive.

  11. Oh my God PTSD FOREVER… lol.. I got my ass whooped by the principal n then my mom…… And oh my God the PTSD forever… Bet she wont break any more computers… Mom, English please….. Trump was right, when coming to the US all should speak English…

  12. Omg she needs a seriously paddling. I do believe in spanking by a parent that loves the child not a stranger that has no feelings. And you don’t need a huge has paddle on a 6 yr old. That principal will get her ass beat one day by the wrong parent.


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