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On Thursday, during MSNBC’s “All In,” former Attorney General Eric Holder predicted “high-level” prosecutions of people close to former President Donald Trump.

When asked about the Department of Justice, Holder said, “After the revelations from the January 6 Committee and the great job that journalists have done in revealing a whole variety of things, I think you get a sense of the direction of this, and I think you are going to end up with high-level prosecutions of people close to Donald Trump. I think people at the Justice Department are going to be examined, certainly, people involved in the matter, people actually there on January 6, and people who directed them. The question ultimately is what happens to the ex-president. My guess is going to be that they are going to have significant, substantive proof they are going to be able to show that you have the intent, and as what I said before, I have said he has to be held accountable.”

The article goes on to state the following:

He continued, “We cannot allow what happened on January 6 to go unpunished because it would invite something like that to happen again in the future. Future people who would consider doing something like this have to be deterred.”

Holder said, “I think a non-prosecution would divide the nation as well. And if we don’t have that deterrent impact coming out of the consideration of what happened on January the 6, we put this republic at risk in the future.”

WATCH the interview below:

Host Chris Hayes tweeted Friday, “Eric Holder on Trump and Jan. 6: ‘I think a non-prosecution would divide the nation.'”

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  1. All they are trying to do is smear Trump so he doesn’t run again in 2024….we have all heard the audio, Trump never told anyone to commit any crimes. This is an easy case to have taken to the prosecutor already and have it before the grand jury. Enough time has passed for that to take place….this is a nothing burger of a statement.

  2. Not to sound racist, but that is the pot calling the kettle black. Holder and the low life Obuma were the most corrupt administration ever. So watch out Holder, you and your king are going to be next

  3. Eric Holder and his boss Obama should be prosecuted to the highest extent of the law over Benghazi, fast and furious. The riots in Ferguson and selling out America to the highest bidder. They are the true criminals.

  4. Still waiting for him to be prosecuted for fast a furious. He was held in contempt of Congress and nothing happened. Obummer protected him by sealing the documents into his library archives. He lied before Congress and wasn’t held accountable.

  5. Holder, you Dems are the criminals and created something on Jan. 6 that didn’t happen just to prosecute Republicans. Just remember what Hilary said…if she goes down for her many many many crimes, she’s taking all of you slimy lying Democrats with her. Hope to see you in prison some day, Holder, the pos!

  6. There he goes, projecting again!! Him and his boss are the ones that WILL be prosecuted!! Lets see how that divides the nation!!

  7. This guy is a fucking tool and unintelligent worrying about the future if it happens again open your eyes you asshole it’s happening right now at the Supreme Court justices homes

  8. Where the hell do these people come from?!! Eric Holder, Obama, Clinton, Biden, Pelosi and her goons, Comey, Sussman, etc Schummer, DeBlasio, Cuomo….bunch of elitists that crawled out from the bowels of the earth. Where is Superman when you need him?! The Devil walks the earth and it’s a Demoncrat

  9. Bloviate much, Eric?

    When the DOJ starts looking into the stolen election and prosecuting that mess, then we can talk about J6. However, the preponderance of evidence currently shows J6 was America’s last chance to stop the steal. It doesn’t justify the actions, however those actions were condoned by law enforcement and there’s video to prove it.

    J6 is just another sham Democrat talking point.

  10. Before Trump, Eric Holder must be held accountable for the damage he caused…only then when anything he has to say be of any slight importance. Pot meet kettle… I don’t know what bothers me more – that they honestly believe what they spew or that they think we’re so dumb we believe what they spew…

  11. Obama’s wingman has spoken, so what! What’s he know unless he’s in on the collusion

  12. Listen to this schmuck they’ve been elbow deep in their own ass trying to find something on Trump and how he needs to be held responsible when these idiots are bought and paid for by pure communist- herding people into cities for a political agenda is TREASON !!
    They each and everyone stand guilty of treason by the same laws they are trying to apply to Trump- you people will be held accountable that’s why you’re shaking in your boots…😆 see you soon.


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