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Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean said Thursday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that Fox News was the brand of “hate” and even “murder,” which should result in the deportation of its founder Rupert Murdoch and his son and the current CEO Lachlan Murdoch.

Melber said, “I wanted to speak to you about something we talked about before, which is, of course, the gun problem in this country, the hate problem in this country, and where it all ties back to. The uproar over the replacement theory and the hate and the racism which was cited by the Buffalo shooting suspect.”

The article goes on to state the following:

Melber then quoted a “Deadline” interview in which Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch said, “We are not only in the news business, he says. When you talk to our fans in middle America, they don’t see us as a news business either. They see us as an American media brand.”

He said, “I see the brand of Fox being hate, anger, dishonesty and now murder.”

Dean continued, “That is the brand. That is the brand of the Murdoch’s have chosen to be their flagship communication. I agree with Biden, Murdoch has harmed this country more than any other human being in my lifetime, and he should never have been given citizenship. The one thing I would change about our immigration policy is to send Murdoch back to Australia and keep them there, the whole family.”

He said, “If you cause that much trouble, you spread lies and hate and anger and tear the United States apart with your crappy TV shows, simply to make money, you do not belong, you do not deserve American citizenship, period.”


Conservative media critic Dan Gainor tweeted, “If you don’t say what the left demands, they want to silence and deport you. | Howard Dean Calls for ‘Boycott’ of Fox News and Deportation of Murdoch Family: ‘They Are the Enemy.'”

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  1. So, does this apply to illegals in this country. Maybe we just need to reprogram the illegals to speak against the leftist loonies and we would have a wall that would be seen from space with armed guards.

  2. The demorats continue to push hate and racism the blame it on everyone else, especially if they tell the truth which we know the demorats can’t stand

  3. So this is the same theory that the dems discussed and pushed for in the 2000sup through 2011 . Check the old way back machine and see who spread this theory . Cnn ,nbc,abc,all of them said that white Americans were going to be a minority because of immigration soon and that’s a good thing for there demographics.

  4. He’s really sad….say something “shocking” so he can get his name back in the news. His despairation is showing.


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